Friday, May 29, 2009

Best Day Ever

So this day was fantastic.
Well, it isn't officially over yet, but nonetheless, nothing can put a damper on my stellar day.
First, I slept in ... until 9 o'clock.
It was very relaxing, and much needed (I am sick yet again).
Then, Scott watched the kiddies as I went on a jog, in the blistering heat.
The blistering heat was a little bit of a killjoy 'cause I am a warm-weather wienie.
Anyway, then we went over to my friend Michelle's for a playdate,
complete with sprinklers, pool, and swingset.
That to me spells F.U.N.
It is a playdate for both myself and the kids because she is super cute.
Then when I got home I was greeted by a newly installed air conditioner, and one sweaty hunk of burnin' love (Scott perspires quite easily).
So this summer I will be cool.
And {I know ... as if it could get any better} I went to a spa appointment to get my first pedicure.
Scott watched the kids again! Twice in one day! Score!
It was blissful (thank you Auntie Marlene and Uncle George).
The technician was AMAZING.
My toes have never looked better.
And my hour away from my three screaming kids (j/k honey) was divine.
And now the only thing necessary to complete my perfect day would be a trip to Safeway to purchase ice cream (this is a dietary necessity).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Binky Wars

We are definitely Binky parents.
We like them almost as much as the children do.
They are like magic.
Some of you may disagree, but they are a vital child-rearing tool.
In order to maintain our sanity (Scott and I are less than patient}
we require our children to use them {some might use the word force ... but whatever).
However, even I have limits.
Ryan still uses a binky.
She is 2 1/2 years old.
Scott and I have decided that even though binkies quiet raging tantrums, make owies disappear, and encourage peace in our home ... they must go (only for Ryan, Ezra can suck away, there is plenty of time to destroy his whole world later).
It really boils down to this: asking Ryan to remove the said binky in order to carry on a conversation is quite ridiculous.
She is after all a toddler and not a baby.
(I am saying this more to myself than anyone).
So the battle begins.
Yesterday was our first Binky-free day (we still allow her to use it when sleeping ... one step at a time).
She cried (with intermittent screeching sessions) for the majority of the day.
She begged for it constantly.
Our neighbors probably thought we were torturing her.
I thought I was going to rip out all my hair.
But we persevered and insisted that she didn't need it.
Today I have not heard a peep about it.
In fact she willingly handed it over this morning and after nap time.
Who knew?
Maybe this will be easier than I thought.
We'll see.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Extended exposure

My brother Bryce is really into a photography.
He has a sweet camera {most likely expensive because it weighs a ton and looks fancy}
and we do weird things when we get together as a family.
Scott, myself and the kids are visiting my parents for the weekend in Eugene.
And in the midst of a barbecue and marshmallow-roasting session Bryce jumped on the roof, my Dad grabbed a few flashlights and these were produced.
Very creative. Indeed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Funny Honey

So Scott is done with school and enjoying a well-deserved break.
And I have secretly decided that he can loaf around for a while ...
{maybe a week}
and then he can start doing something.
He has been helping with the kids and around the house
it must be said that playing free online poker and watching the Maury show
in his undies at noon is a stark contrast from stellar student.
He is not a lazy guy but I am starting to wonder what his game plan is ...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

Dear Daddy,
Happy Birthday to you!
We know that you aren't excited by your special day,
but we are (as evident by our expressions)!
And even though we were dragged from store to store,
in the pouring rain,
with the threat of swine flu making obscene amounts of hand sanitizer necessary,
as mommy exasperatingly searched for your present,
(only to end up ordering exactly what you originally asked for on later that day from the comfort of our living room)
we are still looking forward to celebrating your birthday
in a very low-key way (as you stipulated).
So having said that,
we are glad that you were born and are our daddy!
We love you!!!
Love Ryan and Ezra

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The many beautiful stylings of Ryan

I think that Ryan is the cutest girl that ever walked the earth
{as her mother I claim incessant bragging rights}.
She has always been beautiful to me
and I believed that there wasn't any way she could get any cuter.
And then I trimmed her hair and cut bangs
she became even more gorgeous.
I just can't get enough of her.

She looks so cute. My mom suggested bangs ... genius.
A few days prior to The Cut. Still gorgeous.

She was one and I loved every piece of her wispy hair.

Shorter still. Is this not the cutest picture? And the expression is ... well ... her tolerating my relentless fawning.

Happy Anniversary to US!!

Okay so it's a couple days late (our anniversary is April 26)
but we didn't really get to celebrate until last night.
We went out to dinner (without the kids ..whoohoo).
We don't ever really make a HUGE deal out of our special day
{not that it isn't extremely special}
it's just that neither one of us is particularly sentimental.
But nonetheless, I must say that I am married to one amazing man.
We have been married six years and it just keeps getting better.
I love him more and more every day.
I could just explode with contentment.
So here's to you honey ...
I look forward to MANY more anniversaries!!

Together right after baby Ezra was born.

My 22nd birthday (his teeth are definitely fake).

Living in Virginia Beach for the summer (and yes my nose is pierced ... loved it.)

Doesn't he have the most handsome babyface?

About two weeks after Ryan was born. Awwww ... Malcolm.