Monday, April 23, 2012

two years

I miss you Mom. Every single day. I still get the urge to call you when something exciting/bad/good/boring happens. I wish I could ask you about all your mothering tricks. Being a mom is really hard. You made it look easy. And just when we are about to finish school, raise our kids, move, basically when things were starting to get interesting ... I wish you were here. But don't worry, you are. I love you more than I can say.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

and that is how the longest post about absolutely nothing is written

I wanted to be able to cross an item off my TO DO list tonight and blogging was the easiest task to accomplish while eating ice cream ...
so, having said that I will now proceed to document what we have been up to in the last month with, wait for it ... three pictures.
And they aren't even all mine.
And my super crappy camera is on the fritz.
Which, now that I think of it makes sense, since it is a piece of trash.
But also makes me a little sad because I have zero proof that I was indeed on top of Easter this year with the cutesy-baskets-egg-dyeing-make-it-to-church-on-time-dressed-to-the-nines bit.
Darn it.
So instead I will gift you with this awesome picture of my baby.
He is already eight months old!
He is amazing.
Sitting up, feeding himself, rolling all over, and tonight he pushed himself into a sitting position from his tummy.
I believe he has had a breakthrough.
We are on the verge of crawling.
Thisclose, people.
Just look at those delicious dimples and baby boobies.
He is SO CUTE. I can't stand it.
Next we have a pretty picture of me and a few girlfriends.
We are incredibly mature and spent at least an hour playing with scotch tape.

Some people watch movies or go out to dinner.
Me, I like to tape my nose up like a pig and take snap shots in the middle of the night.
And most recently, I went to see Wicked!
It was my first Broadway musical and it was incredible!
Not only was it hysterically funny, but the talent was insane.
So. much. fun.
I even came home to bathed, jammied, sleeping children and a semi-clean home, which was the icing on the cake.
I am really going to miss my girlfriends once we graduate, get a job, move, and become adults in the real world.
I am going to be a total loner.
Oh well, at least I have my memories and my two pictures.
and p.s. I put the kids in swimming lessons. together.
Ryan is positively thriving.
She is willing, excited, and comfortable in the water.
Ezra is absolutely the opposite.
On Monday he screamed the entire 30 minutes and even threw in a few racking fake-sobs.
His teacher loves him.
I will try to capture some of his enthusiasm on tape.
peace out.