Friday, August 26, 2011

What we be doing

Well it has been four grueling weeks since Micah was born.
Just kidding.
No, I really am not.
However, the adjustment necessary when adding another baby to your family is becoming less painful and more enjoyable.
I am sleeping better and crying less.
I mean, HE ... he is sleeping better and crying less.
And as for the older kids, they are getting their fill of Sesame Street and Jurassic Park.
But in between nursing and nursing, we try to fit in a few fun things.
I am becoming more confidant in venturing out by myself and the three.
That, and Scott is gone on rotations, so I have no other option.
We have blessed said baby, hit up a few spray parks (to beat this unbearable 85 degree heat ... I am not being sarcastic but wholeheartedly serious. I feel like Pedro on Napoleon Dynamite and want to shave my hair off just to cool down), and enjoyed a few regular parks as well.
In fact, on our last visit to our neighborhood playground, I was chatted up by a talkative local (translation: creepy loner) and now have a new BFF.
Theron and I are thisclose.

Ryan at the park.
I love everything about this picture.
Her smile, which is absolutely posed.
Her killer haircut; it suits her to a tee, and I luurve it so very much.
And the perfect cat-eye glasses.
Could she be any trendier?
Why actually yes. She is also sporting a sweet romper.
Wish that was made in my size.

Ezra's small birthday party.
Admittedly, he got a little short-changed this year in the celebration department.
Hopefully next year, things will be a little less hectic (and sweaty) and we can have a big blowout.

Blowing out his candles after singing happy birthday to himself.

And Micah, asleep in his bouncer.
He loves to be swaddled like a burrito and in this seat.
He is seriously cute.
Yeah ... that's all I got.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Boy

Ezra turned 3 on Monday!
I cannot believe how grown up he is!
It was pretty low-key.
Just me and the kiddies.
We started off the day by going to the store for doughnuts and chocolate milk.
Ezzy picked out the messiest one and ate only the sprinkles off the top.
Then we spent some time at the park while I tried to coax out of him a list of his favorite foods.
I told him that he could pick what we had for dinner.
A special treat for his birthday.
He said that he really wanted french fries and a banana.
So that is what we had.
McDonald's fries and bananas.
So healthy.
He is truly the funniest boy.
He is also very athletic.
In fact, he is getting a little set of his very own (real) golf clubs for his birthday.
He loves golfing.
He insists we watch it every Sunday after church (snore).
He also loves the movie Jurassic Park.
I dare say it is his favorite.
And as for other favorites, he also loves the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.
He picks it every night for his bedtime story.
He loves getting wet, whether it be in the tub or at the spray park,
probably because it involves being nudey.
He eats raisin toast for breakfast every morning and loves to snuggle.
He also must wear his baseball hat everywhere, just like daddy.
And he claims his name is really Ife (pronounced life without the "L").

He is such an awesome part of our family.
I cannot imagine my life without him in it!
Happy Birthday Fezzy Wig.
We love you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Micah Grayson Pitts

He arrived Thursday, July 28 at 7:48 in the evening.
7 pounds, 14 ounces. 20 inches long.
The delivery was pretty short.
Less than 6 hours from induction to delivery.
A bit more traumatizing however.
My epidural didn't kick in until about 20 minutes after Micah came quietly into the world.
Apparently he was saving up his screams to unleash at home.
At 3:30.
Every. Morning.
But I digress.
Here is the obligatory shot everyone takes immediately following the birth.
I look nuts.
Kinda like Ozzy Osbourne with the eyeliner.
But everything went really smoothly.
I am so grateful for the undramatic (is that a word?) experience.
Micah is perfect.
Ryan is a little bit more enthused about our baby than Ezra.
She is very helpful and sweet.
Ezzy pretty much just ignores Micah altogether.
But in a non hostile sort of way.
I think he is just unimpressed.

Here is the babe.
He is so handsome.
At first I thought he looked a lot like Ezra, but he is slowly developing his own look.
His eyes are a dark grayish blue and he has a dimple in his right cheek.
Love that.
I hope when he plumps up it is more noticeable.
He is a great nurser.
And by great I really mean he nurses all the live long day, and is pretty much upset if he isn't nursing, or sleeping.
This is probably a better depiction of who he is right now.
Such a sweet face, but so fussy.
His sleeping schedule is a little backwards as well.
He sleeps like a champ during the day, and, let's just say, he struggles to relax as well during the night.
But last night we may have had a breakthrough.
Hopefully it will be a habit for many nights to come.
Crossing my fingers there are no more sob sessions in the wee hours of the morning, for either of us.
Hence why I can finally sit down to type a quick note.
This is literally the first chance I have had to function coherently.

But he's worth it.
Just look at that sweet thing.
Oooohhh, there's his dimple.
See it?
In the words of my daughter, "I just can't stand it."
We just love him.
Welcome home, Micah.