Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow ...

I love to cut my kids' hair.
I do it at least once a month
{which is far more than I am sure is necessary}.
But I like it to be short and clean looking.
Plus I figure the more I do it, the better they will be at receiving haircuts.
This theory has yet to be proven.
Usually Ezra does okay as long as I am quick.
This time, however, he was so dern wiggly that it kept getting shorter and shorter.
I am not sure if you can tell by the pictures, but ...
he is now practically bald.
Being a boy, I guess it doesn't really matter.
Plus his noggin has rounded out and looks almost normal {even if it is a bit large}.
So handsome.
My little Fezzy-wig.
Just a out-of-focus picture of a cute boy.

Before the cut. So full and thick.

After. Trust me he looks much balder in person. The flash must have reflected off the few hairs he has to make it appear that he still has some.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Oh yeah
I must give honorable mention to my fab hubby Scotty.
While we were gone we missed, missed him so bad
and then came home to a super clean house.
Love you Honeylips.

Busy, busy. busy ...

So we went down to Eugene to P-A-R-TaY!
I love, love going to visit my fam.
They are fun and we are always going, going, going.
This trip was no exception.
Britney and I had a major crafting session planned.
She just got a shnazzy, new Cricut and I was excited to try it out (thank yoooooou)
The kids played and we vigorously worked on a bunch of projects ... all week.
It was a very productive visit.
And super fun, as always.
I luuuuv hanging out with Britney (we are besties) and my mom.
We are so much alike and can act nerdy and silly (or basically ourselves) together.
Miss you already, but it's okay because our New Moon party is just around the corner.
November 20 is coming up, can I get a what-whuuuut! Yep.
Brady was very helpful too. Muchas gracias.

Don't worry, we made time for other important things ... such as exercising,

enjoying popcorn in the B-E-A-utiful backyard,


and, of course, watching lots-o-movies. Papa has a very impressive collection and is always up for a movie.

We forced the girls to go outside and play any time it wasn't raining (and sometimes when it was). They blew bubbles, colored with sidewalk chalk, and even used the potty. Ezzy was pretty jealous, but is extremely accident-prone and could only go outside with adult supervision. He spent a lot of time watching.

We also made chocolate-and-sprinkle-covered pretzels or "princess wands."

This is ONE of many crafting projects.
I think they turned out great.
They are Family Home Evening boards.
Now if we only held Family Home Evening we would be set.

A close-up. Pretty cute right? I like them 'cause they are a little more modern, and funky and not so cutesy, dumpy-Mormon-mommy looking. And yes they are magnetic.
We also made fun "NOEL" signs for Christmas. Just realized I don't have a photo of that and am too lazy to stop and take one, but I will when I decorate for Christmas.

And Britney helped me make this too. I needed something fun for this spot, and thought I could make a "vintage" sign. Scott doesn't really like old, garbagey signs, but technically this one is new. Whatcha think? Be honest.

Thank you Britney!
Thank you for letting me use your Cricut and supplies and being the best friend and sister a girl could have.
LOVE you.
Love you too MOM & DAD.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Blogging when I have nothing to blog about

What have we been up to?
Oh just hangin' around.
My life really isn't all that interesting.
I spend a lot of time wiping tears, buns, noses and counter tops;
I frequent the park more than any one really should;
I chase screaming children around the library (yes, they scream more at the library than anywhere else, except church);
And I am regularly at risk of indecent exposure in public being that Ezzy is always pulling on my shirt (not that there is much left to expose, those puppies shriveled up along with any sense of propriety I may have retained after giving birth.)
A typical day for me:
5:45 : Hear the alarm, drag my patooty out of bed, and sneak to the bathroom.
5:47 : Wake up Ezra, silently curse, change diaper, snuggle, put him back in bed and dash out the door.
6:00 : Gym, blah.
7:09 : Come home, listen at the door for weeping from kids or Scott, sigh of relief when I find everyone still asleep and the Pitts household still functioning fine without me (not always the case ... not sure why).
7:10 : Sneak in very carefully and yet still wake up Ezra again (doesn't this child ever sleep?)
7:15 : Get on with the day, you know breakfast, shower, picking up my house that was spotless when I went to bed and now has somehow become trashed, play, convince Ryan there is more to life than Caillou, take kids outside, find one moment of peace when the kids are happy, clean, playing, the birds are singing, the sun is shining ... crap Ezra just fell in a puddle and Ryan is touching the dumpster.
Noon: Lunch, put the kids down for a nap, smile, stretch out on the couch, damn I forgot about the laundry, get back up to fold the laundry.
Are you still reading this?
3:30 : Start thinking about dinner, wonder what Scott is doing at school, visualize the bowl of ice cream I am going to enjoy once the kids are in bed, pretend I am a pony, laugh (Ryan is quite the comedian and Ezra is just so smiley, I can't help it).
5:00 : Make dinner, clean up kitchen, serve dinner, clean up dinner, again.
7:00: Baths, read Fancy Nancy, a little TV.
9:00 : The kids are in bed, safe, uninjured, another successful day.
You know,
I really love my boring life.