Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun, Family Christmas

Well, it started off fun.
We were feeling optimistic.
It was an ambitious celebration and we were including a lot of people.
Everyone was trying, everyone wanted it to go smoothly;
But as far as those things go, it turned ugly.
I mean, it isn't Christmas without a heated political debate, hurt feelings and grouchy kids right?
A broken-down car, stolen GPS system and my family not speaking to me must be added to the list to round out the holiday.
Super fun.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just practicing ...

I insist that I feed myself, despite the fact that most of it ends up on the table.
In fact, if I am not permitted to feed myself I will scream and trash around;
And that spoon I am holding, well lets just say it will become a speeding missile aimed at your head.
But obviously I am successful at getting my way.
See my smile?

Friday, December 11, 2009


So I went outside to do a quick vacuum of the car (it was time to suck up all those raisins and fishie crackers),
while the kids were upstairs watching me from the window.
I got the car all nice 'n clean in record time
only to come upstairs and find all our toys dumped out and scattered to the four corners of the apartment,
the Christmas tree desecrated with various decorations stripped off and broken,
Ezra chewing on an empty toilet paper roll
and Ryan sitting on the couch with bare buns - actually buck naked from the waist down.
I swear I was only out there a few minutes.
A very few.
At least no one was upset or hurt, which is rare even when I am present.
My children are so strange.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Ahhh, Christmas is upon us.
And the Pitts household is in full holiday swing.
The merriment of the season has consumed our family.
In fact, as Scott lugged the Christmas tree through the door,
there were cries of terror as Ezra burst into tears;
And once we began trimming said tree, Ryan also had a conniption fit when I added a purdy ribbon garland (that in my opinion adds more visual interest) saying that it was ugly
and she wanted it removed immediately;
And if that weren't proof enough that our happy family is full of Christmas cheer,
I am listening to peels of laughter ... of wait .... hang on .... nevermind.
Those happy giggles were just interrupted by squeals of frustration and a panicked yelp.
What I thought was a peaceful daddy-daughter water-coloring session quickly turned into a Technicolor warzone as Ezra disrupted the paints, thus smudging Scott's rainbow,
which he actually then balled up and threw out of irritation all while Ryan screamed at the top of her lungs for me to rescue the watercolors on the kitchen floor.
My family is so dramatic.
Oh well, we are trying.

Ryan was actually very careful and deliberate when hanging her ornaments. They were evenly spaced and everything.

Ryan and I decorated the tree as a duo. Scott is recovering from Bronchitis and wasn't as enthusiastic about the tradition this year. Poor baby. (Hey we match, that was not planned.)

And Ezra ate bananas and watched Baby Einstein because he was following Ryan around pulling every ornament off as soon as she would hang it and frankly I just wanted to knock the activity out and get it done.
Ahhhh .... relaxin'