Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas roundup

Well, we managed to visit both Eugene and Seattle, visit ALL of our immediate family members, and have lots of freakin' holiday fun.
In 7 days.
It was a little crazy, well honestly ... a lot crazy, but worth all the driving around.
We started in Eugene two days before Christmas.
We decorated gingerbread houses, Scott went skiing with Rex, we made treats, ate lasagna, refereed kids, and geared up for our big feast on Christmas eve.

The night before Christmas was spent eating an enormous cheese tray, and bon-bons, and sugar cookies; plus we did a little cooking in order to prepare our traditional Mexican spread.
Britney basically orchestrated an incredible meal in my mother's stead, but it wasn't without a little stress and some dragging of the brothers from the x-box to come in the kitchen an help already ... what are we in high school and we can't stop playing mindless video games whilst the women-folk sweat and toil over the stove?
I mean really!?!
Anyway, everything is under control.
The dinner was a success.
And yes, I ate too many chips and salsa and was stuffed to the gills halfway through dinner.
Never mind dessert.
Although I managed to struggle through that as well and try all four pies.
Anyway, we set out treats for Santa, plugged the kids into a movie, and played games.

Christmas morning, was a tornado of wrapping paper because the kids are finally old enough to understand what is happening.
Ezra was gifted a lot of trucks and boy-ish toys (which is great because I feel a little sorry for him when he is walking around on Ryan's princess heels back home).
Ryan was also given a lot of accessories.
And Scott got zhu-zhu pets. I mean he got them for the kids, not himself. Silly me.
We had a great time and really appreciated all of Britney's hard work, and my Dad and Heather's thoughtful gifts.

But it was time to go to Seattle. Like as soon as we opened the presents we dashed out the door for a fun four-hour drive.

We made it just in time for another big dinn-ah. Courtesy of Scott's sister, we enjoyed a Hawaiian turkey wrapped in palm leaves.
Scott's whole fam was there which was fun because it has been at least four years since all five siblings were together under one roof.
So we spent the next four days playing with cousins, visiting China town in Seattle, enjoying the snow, and watching movies.
Plus, I managed a three-hour marathon of Keeping up with the Kardashians while nursing the flu.
All those shenanigans had my children in a sugar-induced, sleep-deprived wreck by the time we headed back home, exactly a week after the celebrations began.
So we are back.
We are still trying to get back on to some sort of schedule.
And my house is badly in need of a good cleaning.
And if you read through this very long-winded post, well than thanks for indulging me.
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Skate World

Sooo, we took our kids roller skating.
Now you may be thinking that roller skating is so '80s, and you would be right.
I think that was the last time I went; which is unfortunate because it is really fun (the '80s and roller skating ... actually I have thought for some time that I really should have been a teenager in the 1980s, with the hair, the clothes, the music ... but I digress, that is a whole other post.)
Anyway, Ryan has been begging to go for months and now that Scott has some serious time off for Christmas we can act like a family and do things together.
And, I have secretly been eying Skate World for even longer.
It was super fun; just as amazing as I remembered it being in grade school.
Ryan and I were the only ones that actually skated.
I am not even sure what would have happened if we had put skates on Ezra.
Most likely a serious head injury.
And Scott manned the camera.
Ryan started off a little shaky but really got the hang of it by the end of our session.
And the "DJ" played some really good music too.

Yes, it looks as if we are pros; maybe not quite to the caliber as the gentleman behind us but you gotta start somewhere.

One of many spills. in fact, about a half hour into our adventure I was starting to worry that I would yank Ryan's arm our of her socket while trying to "save" her from falling. Luckily, she improved and my assistance became unnecessary.

This is what Ezzy was doing while Ryan and I circled the rink. I don't think he knows he isn't actually playing. He also spent a fair amount of time cheering us on at the side of the floor, giving us high-fives and clapping.

He was a good sport about being sorta left out. He just ran around jumping off those carpeted, putting-your-skates-on benches.

And there she is: going solo. She really did improve quite significantly by the end and managed a half-lap on her own. We only had one big fall which resulted in moment of discouragement. Ryan insisted her "buns hurt and she needed a rest." But after a pep talk from Daddy and a small rest of our buns we hit the floor again. I also managed a few laps on my own. Going around with Ryan was really fun, but painfully slow, so I insisted I needed a few laps to myself so I could feel the wind in my short hair. I would post a picture of that as well, but Scott only took a few and, for whatever reason, they were all close-ups of my butt. And no one wants to see that. Not even me.
Anyway, all in all I think our little escapade was a success.
It was definitely the perfect start to our vacation.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just in time for the holidays

So the other day Scott and I were scouring the house over looking frantically for our debit card.
Our only debit card.
You see, we share one in order to curb spending and make it easier to keep tabs on purchases.
And just as we were beginning to panic, thinking we lost it and some stranger was giddily blowing through our meager savings, we found it.
In. The. Toaster.
How, pray tell, did this happen?
Well, I don't know actually.
All I know is that I caught Ezra on the counter trying to retrieve a juice box from the cupboard and the rest, they say, is history.
It turned into a twisted, shriveled ghost of a card.
It was like that shrinky-dink material that withers to half its side.
Needless to say, I ordered another one and we will be getting it in the mail mere days from Christmas, and have we even started our Christmas shopping?
No. The answer is no.

p.s. I took a picture to post but then had a panic attack thinking some very clever thief could somehow decipher the mangled image and then really steal my moola. So I opted to leave it out. Even though I think that blogs without pictures can be kinda boring.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A little ketchup ...

Where to begin?
I have actually been contemplating that question for days.
But then I promptly become overwhelmed and lay down.
After I lay down, I fall asleep.
So therefore the blogging doesn't get done.
Not that I expect this to be a crushing blow to many a reader, but I'd like to think of this as my own little journal of sorts, and quite possibly a small measure of enjoyment for others in my life.
So let's get on with it.
The short, short version.
Here is Thanksgiving; or at least the only picture I bothered to take of my family enjoying the feast we shared with our friends. The spread turned out fabulously. (Ryan made the little hand-turkey place cards).

Oh yeah, we moved too. Right before Thanksgiving. I never promised this post would be in chronological order. In this picture you can see a little of our new pad. Although we obviously have all the same stuff so it might not look that different. But we can definitely feel the difference. It is a town-home style. So we have 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, tons more storage (well pretty much any storage is way more), and more living room space to clutter up with toys. Plus, we pay nothing to live here! I know. Pretty incredible. How is that possible you may say? I say who cares?
Here is our tree. I think it is my best one yet. And it isn't real, which I really like better. I mean you don't have the fragrant woodsy aroma which accompanies an authentic tree but I also vacuum less and we can leave it up while we are gone on vacay without the fear of coming home to a spindly tree trunk surrounded by a huge pile of brown needles. Thank you Tara and Dave. And don't the twigs I added look nice? I think they add a little dimension, a little texture. Scott has told me that he can definitely learn to live with them. Oh brother.

A random shot of our gallery wall; with a few errant decorations. Scott was co-mastermind of this little display. Unless you think it's weird. Then it was definitely all him. Just kidding. We worked on decorating T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R. It is apparently more important to him than I originally assumed.
Playing with play dough in the hallway. I make them take off their clothes because they always get gobs of it stuck to their pants and socks. I made sure to turn the heater up. But it was short-lived anyway because Ezra cries every time his creations are squished, which is sorta inevitable.

And this little pic is a peak at my advent calendar/pocket garland I made to help us count down to the big day. This year I filled it with candy, but as they grow older I think I want to include a small scripture in each pocket as well, in order to emphasize the reason for the season.

A close up. I am not that crafty so I like to show off when I make anything. Up next: Christmas stockings. If they turn out I will include a picture of them as well.

And last but certainly not least, Scott and I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 with friends. I love Harry Potter. I have loved them since I was a child, because I was still a child, or at least a teen when the Potter mania began. Now I know I have professed my undying love for all things Twilight, but my heart still has room for Harry and his friends as well. Anyway, it was amazing. That is all I can think to say.
I. am. tired.
And this post is becoming quite long.
And I am going to recommit to blog more regularly. Mostly so that I don't turn into a rambling fool.