Friday, July 30, 2010


So I was looking through my pictures to see if I had anything worth writing about and found, like, three strange pictures, that are completely unrelated to each other and do not at all document our recent family activities.
In the last month, we have visited Eugene (yes again), rearranged our entire apartment, (all four of us can now live almost exclusively in one room ... the one with the air conditioner), visited Seattle, watched Eclipse (the most important item on this list ... just kidding ... okay no I am not), attended my 10-year-high school reunion (my camera pooped out and I got zero pictures, which is fine because I didn't recognize very many people even after only 10 years!), and played hard in the oppressive heat (to me anything over 85 is boil-an-egg-on-my-head-while-in-my-apartment discomfort).
Our summer is nearing it's close and we have yet to go to the beach, go camping, go to the farmer's market, or get shaved ice ... summer must-dos.
We have been traveling a lot to be with family.
In fact, as I sit here, Scott is once again in Seattle with Ryan at a pro golf tournament.
And while that sounded like a bucket-o-fun, I opted to stay at home with Ezzy and just take care of one maniac, plus I had some furniture to polyurethane. Yippeee!
So in conclusion, I am going to post the few said pictures of nothing in particular, I am high from the fumes in this apartment, and I need to take Ezra out to enjoy some fresh air because I cannot let him watch Cars all the live-long day.
Happy summer!

One picture from the reunion. These girls were my best friends in high school and we still see each other every few months. It may look like a rare photo op, but it isn't. We hang out fairly regularly. It was still fun to see them along with a few other classmates. I think the reunion was a success. I looked at pictures of me from high school (barf) and definitely feel I stepped it up for this get together. I mean it is important to look better at these things, right?

A random shot of the kids at lunch. I was trying to take a picture of Ezra's new chair that Brady helped me to paint (I love it). And no, Ezra did not join the military, I just like his hair short. And yes, I feel the need to defend myself.

A generation shot. We visited Scott's grandpa in Olympia over the Fourth of July weekend. Four generations; don't my kids look happy?

And last, but certainly not least, me in my Twilight shirt. I wear it every time I see the movies in the theater, even if I am by myself, which was the case for Eclipse. I opted to go alone as opposed to going with someone that would not be as giddy about the movie as I was. I don't want to hear a sigh of pity as I squeal with excitement when Edward appears on screen. I am kinda a twi-hard fan.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super lame

So I have been a super lame blogger lately.
I have every intention of posting something exciting and witty,
and then ... I just don't.
I don't even really have much of an excuse.
I mean, I want to ... and I have some semi-cool pictures
but then I let my camera battery die, or I accidentally erase them
or better yet, I forget to take some in the first place.
But, all excuses aside, I am going to think of something clever to do with my erratic collection of photos and download them babies ...
after our company goes home,
and possibly after my ten-year class reunion this weekend?
So to my three readers ... stay tuned :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Bastings come to town!

So Britney and her family came to Forest Grove.
They stayed for three glorious days.
We had so much fun.
A trip to the zoo, staying up late for movies every night, screaming kids, morning runs, even a birthday party made their trip a blast (okay maybe not the screaming kids part).
We all squished into our shoebox-sized apartment and it was quite cozy.
We love to spend time with them and I am always sad when we part ways.
But we will be together again in a few weeks!
I have a 10-year reunion to attend.
So we will see the fam soon enough.
Thanks for coming to see us Britney & Rex.
We love you!