Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Are you familiar with the term "co-sleeping?"
This phrase was not a part of my vocabulary until recently.
To quote the always reliable Wikipedia, "co-sleeping is a practice in which babies and young children sleep close to one or both parents, as opposed to in a separate room."
Doesn't that sound like fun?
Not only do I get to spend every nano-second, all day, every day with my babies, I get to sleep with their feet in my mouth and their breathing thisclose to my face.
I am pretty sure I have told you all (and everyone in the line at the grocery store, and the entire congregation at church, and all the moms at the bus stop, well you get the idea ...) that my baby is possessed. 
He very literally cries all day.
He is only content when I am holding him.
And just when I have him tucked into bed, he wakes up and cries. Again.
I am not really sure why he is so unsettled. 
I don't consider myself to be a child-rearing expert but I am pretty sure this behavior is not normal.
So, I have resorted to co-sleeping with Micah, so that when he wakes up every 12 minutes, he will see me sleeping next to him, kick me in the back, and then go back to sleep.
Don't judge.
On an unrelated note entirely, Ryan is really enjoying kindergarten. 
I never blogged about her starting school (along with a mile-long list of other events) because I am still experiencing computer slash internet connection defunct-ment, not because they are unimportant.
I digress.
Ryan is like a shining star in her kindergarten class.
I mean, I assume she is because she comes home and tells me everyday about all the naughty kids in her class and their appalling behavior and how she would certainly never act like them. 
She attends all day, and even rides the bus. 
Her teacher, Mrs. Roddy, tells me that Ryan is an angel, a smart angel.
And Ezra is the model student of a different variety.
I am home-preschooling him and he actually likes his workbook and activities.
He positively shines with individual attention and soaks up them teachins' like a sponge.
He turns into a sugary sweet, sharing, helpful brother/son as soon as Ryan leaves in the morning and he has unchallenged remote-control access, random trips to the driving range with Daddy, and no one taking toys away from him.
And Micah, well, we all know what he does all day, poor thing.
And as for me, I am just working on little projects here and there.
For our home.
That we don't have.
And more importantly, I cut off my hair. 
I love my new Miley-esque 'do. 
I seriously hacked it off and haven't looked back. 
It takes no time to style and when I am done, I actually like the results.
{Insert picture of me fist-pumping in front of the mirror every day after I get out of the shower}.
It is that big of a deal.
And Scott is finally a licensed doctor. (Thanks to the state of Washington and their competent and well-organized licensing department, we only had to wait twiddling our thumbs for 4 1/2 months!)
He has been down to Tumwater a few times now and is a working optometrist. 
Oh well, whatev. 
Oh also, Scott would probably want me to tell you about something he would find even more important ... the big fish he caught.
 Last week. 
A salmon. 
That he then later cooked for us. 
After de-boning it's bloody, fishy body in the sink.
As in so happy, that he requested a portrait of the two of them, him sporting the biggest, proudest smile I have seen, well ever. Yep, probably not even at our wedding.
Silly guy.
My family is a bunch of lunatics.