Monday, May 21, 2012

there are no pictures included once again

I miss my blog.
I haven't given him any attention lately.
And it isn't for lack of writing material.
Not that our lives are riddled with adventure, but we get around (in the non-promiscuous way).
And yet, I have no photographic evidence of these activities ... again.

But this time, I have a real excuse.
My camera is officially broken.
The timing is impeccable.
The life of said camera may or may not have ended right after a certain husband was asked to "fix" the broken device because the zoom was permanently zoomed, shook it with considerable force, tried to push the lens back into place, cracked the viewfinder, muttered something that sounded like, "sonuva" and dropped it into the trash.
Oh well, it was on the fritz anyhow.
Now once we start making the big bucks we can purchase a new one.
Until then I can paint the pictures with my words, or borrow a camera from my dad.
We choose the latter.
However I have yet to figure out how to upload the pics from the camera to my computer, so until then prepare to be spellbound with prose.
Since I last checked in, we have celebrated an anniversary (our 9th ... which we commemorated with a non-romantic dinner at a Mexican restaurant listening to all of our children whine whilst trying to coax them to eat their nachos ... I mean what child doesn't like nachos?), mother's day (on which I was able to take a heavenly three-hour nap), and finally GRADUATION!
GRADUATION deserves it's own post (along with all caps), so I will save that special day for later.
But I am still so excited about Dr. Scott earning his O.D. that maybe I will talk about it just a little.
And then I will talk about it again with pictures.
And let's face it, I will probably talk about it for years to come.
Lucky you.
After 9 long years of schooling, we (and I say we because I am absolutely an essential part of this equation, thankyouverymuch) are finished!
I still can't really believe that there will be no more late nights studying, stressful tests, paying tuition, or say a six-month-long period of time where I have to parent singlehandedly while Scott treats patients another state away.
I am so proud of Scott and all that he has accomplished.
He graduated with distinction (which means he had a helluva high GPA) and snagged a big fat award for "demonstrating excellence in the pursuit of primary care skills" which loosely translates to mean that he is a kick a** doctor.
And good job me. I am tired.
Taking care of this lunatic family while Scott is M.I.A. is nothing to sneeze at.
But we did it.
And now we are moving on.
Where to, you may ask?
Well, we are going to run for the border and head to Washington shortly to fulfill a grant obligation.
So we will no longer be students for the first time in our married life.

So until next time I will be fiddling around with the lent camera and I will, so help me, retrieve those pictures of GRADUATION.