Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer is oooooover ....

Can I just say that I am really looking forward to the school year.
And it's not because Scott goes back to school and I get much more done and the kids aren't nearly so wound up ... okay it is that too.
But in all seriousness, I crave the normalcy and schedules that typically accompany the new year.
I can't wait to have the kids in bed at the same time every night, dinner at the same time, with Scott focused (and his distracting mornings of Maury Povich and internet surfing which prevent me from any productivity whatsoever so over) .... theoretically.
Plus, I like that it always feels like the beginning of something.
I get excited to tackle projects, recommit myself to take the kids to library story-time every week, and this year I am going to organize/teach a pre-preschool for Ryan.
I feel like pawing through our apartment and purging it of any clutter, and making soup.
And, can I also just say, I love fall.
The colors, the sweaters, jeans, cool weather, rain.
I am a sucker for it all.
I feel like running outside with my arms thrown wide open and belting U2's, "Beautiful Day."
But that might result in a few rude stares and I am not looking to ruin anyone's loverly autumn.
I am actually feeling slightly harebrained and perhaps I didn't get enough sleep, and I am listening to some sort of techno music on Pandora, so that might explain this strange post.
Anyway, a few random pictures from the last week or so.

Ezra was gifted two new Lightening McQueen lego sets for his birthday from Auntie Britney and Papa. Let's just say these fun toys have been the source of many a fight around here, which basically means they are a hit.

We finally moved Ezra into his "big boy" bed. He is now sleeping in Ryan's bed and she has moved to the top bunk. Fun for all. However, on the first night that we tried this arrangement, I came in to check on them and found this scene: apparently Ezra needed some extra snuggling.
And let me tell you, it was quite the feat getting Ryan into her bunk while dead asleep. My babies are so darn cute.

p.s. A few other tidbits to end our summer on a high note: (the last one being the most serious problem)
1) Scott's car is broken and needs a new starter
2) He also lot his friggin' wedding ring while fishing in the ocean ... awesome
3) When I went to get my hair trimmed, the stylist cut my bangs too short and now I look like Edna from the "Incredibles."

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday weekend

Happy Birthday to my BEST friend and sister, Britney!
Here's looking at you kid!
I love you (insert high sing-song voice).

Happy Birthday Ezra!

My baby is TWO!
Ezra is officially out of babyhood!
He has reached the terrible twos (in fact, I believe he is ahead of the curve and reached them some time ago).
I am a teensy bit sad that he is no longer a baby.
Has that gloom translated into the desire for a third baby?
Hell to the no.
Someday ...
Anyway, even though my sweet newborn has grown into a crazy, monster-child I just can't get enough of him.
He is so funny.
He is so stinkin' handsome.
And all boy, thru and thru.
He loves trucks, tractors, airplanes, basically anything that goes vroom.
He also loves destruction, hitting things with sticks, getting dirty, jumping off anything that will make me scream, electronics, and antagonizing Ryan.
He toots ... on purpose ... and then laughs.
He loves movies and can aptly work all of our home theater equipment.

And now, onto the inevitable: a little reminiscing.

On this blistering day two years ago, Ezra came screaming into this world (well, perhaps that was me or coulda been the newbie EMT who requested to observe his first live birth).
Right from the start, he was a good baby, very happy.
And still is.
Look at that sweet face, and Ezzy is so absolutely adorable too.

My babies are always so bald. Look at that snot-shoot ... he definitely got that from me.

Today we took him to the beach to celebrate his b-day and beat the heat. He loved it. Both the kids had a blast, until Ryan had to go the bathroom and we spent 10 minutes trying to convince her to squat in the ocean. That ended with everyone in tears and a trip to the nastiest port-a-potty on the entire Oregon coast.

This is pre-potty discussion. She spent the first 20 minutes splashing and boogie-boarding in the frigid water, and she liked it.

Ezra snacked with Grandma on the rocks. The tide was very high so we camped out up here.

After returning from the beach, we had a little fiesta outside on the lawn with prezzies and cupcakes. It was 342 degrees inside our apartment so we opted to party in the lot. Look at that face, tell me that isn't the cutest mug you ever saw!

Was not a fan of the party favors, which is why we kept blowing them in his face, hehe.

He is playing with the frosting not snuffing out the candles with his fingers. He got a soccer ball and a new puzzle for his birthday.
Happy Birthday Ezra, my sweet snuggler, my life is so much sweeter because of you.
We love you SO much.
Thank you for being our baby.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bikes, trikes, and automobiles

Ryan got a new bike.
Ezra inherited her old trike.
There are automobiles in the background of most of our pictures because my kids spend their days playing in a parking lot.
We spent the morning outside, enjoying the overcast skies and breaking in our new wheels.
Well, new to us anyway.
We purchased Ryan's "princess" bike from a nice old man advertising on craigslist.
I felt a little guilty about presenting her with a bike that is a little worse for wear,
that is until she crashed it twice in 20 minutes.
Then I was patting myself and Scott on the back (metaphorically) for getting a bike that will no doubt receive a few more battle scars.
And since I have now realized this entire post is made up of corny cliches,
I also tooted my own horn while crossing my fingers no one would get hurt.
And no good morning ride is complete without a photo shoot.
And no good photo shoot is complete without me taking a picture of myself;
at least according to Scott.
Mark my words.