Monday, January 9, 2012

So. Long .

So I am back for what is becoming a bi-monthly check in.
If that.
We are living in an actual house here in Eugene, with a lot more square footage and a second bathroom.
Cleaning it is obviously taking all my extra time.
That and playing on my new Kindle Fire.
Which is why I cannot blog.
So be forewarned that this is a catch-up post and will be approximately 52 pages long (or the equivalent) with far too many pictures.
Where to begin?
How about a Christmas butt shot.
You're welcome Dad.

The cute grandpas and all the kids watching Merry Madagascar.
For the twelfth time.
In fact, I am pretty sure we all had this little treasure memorized by the time Christmas was over.
Next was gingerbread houses (or hot glue-gunned graham cracker houses, whatev,)
And a picture of the other Uncle Scott (a.k.a. Mitchell Mitchell) taking a picture.
His pics were far superior to my little snapshots.
Look at that rad camera.

Ezra's candy-laden house.
Now watch carefully.

3.5 seconds later the candy has disappeared.
If that isn't a guilty face than I'm a monkey's uncle.

Ryan and Annie posing with their masterpieces.
This year, the older girls were able to decorate their houses all by themselves!

This is what my dad was doing while we were laughing/screaming/listening to carolers singing at the door decorating said gingerbread houses.
I think one grandchild may have even given him a pile driver to the groin yet he continued to sleep.
It had been a very long day.

On Christmas eve, the kids opened their special jammies.
For the first time, we had our own little Christmas at home.
We watched a sweet video about the birth of Christ, and put out cookies and milk for Santa.
Every year the holidays get better and better.
The older the kiddies get, the more excited they become which in turn leads to loads more fun.

Christmas morning was also spent at home.
Ezra received a bike from craigslist Santa.
He also received a dart gun, which I certainly regret buying because it inspired Scott to go purchase a second one with which he may or may not hide behind the couch waiting for me to come out of the bathroom only to shoot me in the head like the child he is.
That and I find those damn neon-orange suction darts in every crevice of this house.
And p.s., Ezra's helmet is indeed an angry gorilla face that is truly heinous and has been banished to the garage.
Ryan received a lot of Ariel the Mermaid paraphernalia.
As well as a treasure box I lovingly made for her to keep every single thing anyone has ever given her keepsakes in.
Papa and Heather also gifted the kids with a lot of fun new games.

Scotty looking handsome, and possibly gearing up for another round of Hungry, Hungry Hippo.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Moving on.
Baby Micah has started solids.
He was not impressed at first, and lets face it, still remains unimpressed.
Swallowing the food still continues to be a challenge.
He spends the majority of the time spitting it out onto his hands and smearing it around on his face and in his hair.
You know, typical baby stuff.

What did I tell you.
Not. Impressed.

And on the hair front, Ryan is still growing hers out.
We tried experimenting with the straightening iron, just for kicks, and Ryan loved it.
She kept running her fingers through her hair and examining herself in the mirror.
She couldn't believe how "long" her hair looked.
She is the prettiest little thing I have ever seen.
I can't stand it.
So cute.
Seriously, I can't stop staring.
And Auntie Britney made her a Rapunzel crown with hair to tide her over until her hair reaches the desired length.

And one, no two, more shots of the big little boy.
He is learning to sit up, sorta.
We are still working on our posture.
And the boppy is to prevent us from tipping over.
And on a fun side note, this little maniac has started screaming.
On purpose, for fun.
Screaming because he has discovered his voice box and finds pleasure in exercising his vocal range.
Screaming for hours on end in an octave I am sure only dogs can hear which absolutely does not make me want to throw myself in traffic.

And what would my post be without a picture I took of myself.
But in my defense, I have very few shots of the two of us.
And none of me with my new ombre hair.
I am so trendy.