Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rolling right along

I am not sure if anyone is interested in "belly shot"-type pics, but I rather enjoy looking at others' myself, so I thought I would post one every now and again.
This is me at 22 weeks.
Kind of an obscure week to document, not really noteworthy for any reason but I forgot to take a picture at 20 weeks (the beginning of the fifth month for normal people that don't count in weekly increments.)
Don't mind my Sponge Bob triangle hair, I am having issues.
I also realized that I look as if I am leaning way back to make the bump appear larger.
I am not sure what that was about.
Anyway, I also seem to be working on a skin mustache as well.
With Ezra I developed "pregnancy mask" (which is real, and not a made up name for not waxing/bleaching one's upper lip) and I believe that I am again enjoying that aberration.
I can't help but point it out to everyone I talk to, although Scott says if I didn't draw attention to my 'stache no one would notice.
So here we are, almost six months, and I could swear I have been pregnant way longer.
But everything is going well, so I am not complaining.
Other than contemplating my skin whiskers, and indulging the usual pregnancy nesting instincts (I am totally redoing my living room wall) I'd have to say there isn't much going on.
Ryan started swimming lessons and loves them.
I accidentally deleted the only picture I got of her whilst trying to keep Ezra from pitching himself into the pool.
He desperately wanted to be included.
He cried for a good 15 minutes about wanting to attend "Ezzy's swim class."
Poor baby, maybe next year.
It is hard to be 2.
So I am determined to take more pictures, and do more interesting things worth blogging about so I can keep the posts a comin'.
Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring BREAK

Break being the key word.
And boy did I need a break.
Because don't we all need a break every once in a while?
Yes. The answer is yes.
And this week was mine. Three and, a very important, half days of aloneness.
No kids, no hubby, no nothin'.
This may not sound like much but I tell ya, I am a whole new woman.
(I have been kind of a wreck lately.)
In fact, I haven't had a single night all to my lonesome since I birthed Ryan.
Four and a half years later, I am enjoying quiet.
And I have tried to take full advantage of the down time, because with numero 3 on the way it won't be happening again for what I fear may be a long time.
Don't get me wrong.
I love my family, but I also love that they are visiting grandparents in Seattle without me.
And I have been able to tackle some very important tasks while passing the time:
nice long walks at what ever time I want,
polished my toes and fingernails,
visiting the Goodwill,
watching a super trashy, girliest movie,
mad dash to Ikea for some essentials,
enjoying treats without having to share,
and lots-o-sleeping.
Thanks Scotty.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kind of a sad one

I miss my mom.
I think about her every day, all day.
I think about how everything would be better or easier with her here.
I think about how I am having a baby that will never know her, how amazing she is, how beautiful she was, and how she was an expert at all things domestic.
And hate that my children will only remember what I tell them they had with her.
I wish I could ask her all my parenting questions.
Why won't my kids mind me?
What are the best ways to find balance while being a mother, wife, and woman?
And why when I look at my living room gallery wall, does it seem off? Too many pictures?
What am I going to do with three kids? By myself, while Scott is away on rotations?
You always came to help me 'til I was back on my feet.
And what should I do with my hair? I know you hate it when I pull my short hair into a stubby piggy.
I wish you could be here to cut it.
To talk to.
To call every day.
I hate that I am jealous when I hear other girls talk about their moms.
I wish it were them and not me.
I know that is mean.
But I always thought what I had I would always have.
We were supposed to grow old together, to start a interior design firm.
You have been gone a long time.
Almost a year, next month.
And yet I still cry myself to sleep every night.
I know I am blessed.
That I am who I am because I am Sharen's daughter.
I can do hard things.
Because that is how she raised me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We're having another ....

Woo to the hoo!
We are super excited!
Now Ezzy will have a little more male company.
He always seems to be outnumbered.
We have a lot of play dates with Ryan's girlfriends and their little sisters.
And with all female cousins, he is always the designated the "bad guy" or "monster," which results in a bunch of screaming girls running away from him.
But now he will have someone else to race cars with, throw things at, and jump off every piece of furniture with.
I would include a picture, but the ultrasound was very, shall I say, explicit?
Is that the right word for super detailed, no-way-of-mistaking his bits and pieces?
Let's just say I did not need the ultrasound technician to clarify the sex of the baby.
Everything looked great, and he is in perfect health!
Ryan was a little disappointed because she was really hoping for another girl (which she wanted to name Flashy.)
But that is okay.
While Scott is taking our boys fishing and camping, Ryan and I can do fun things together.
Just us girls.
I am really excited.
We're half-way there.
Now to think of a name ...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This post is super long

What? I haven't blogged in forever?
Well, I would blame it on my pregnancy, but that is one of my biggest pet peeves.
People blaming things on being preggo.
I mean, you kinda know what you signed up for when you do the deed, right?
We always have stuff going on.
Making excuses ain't gonna get ya anywhere.
Speaking of preggo, we will find out the sex of the babe tomorrow!
Anyway, I digress.
So I haven't blogged because I was outta town and doing lots of other exciting things.
A few of which I will share.
And the rest of the pics included are also important.
Very important.
First of all, I had a birthday. It was a fairly significant one because this is the last year I will be able to say I am in my late twenties.
Next year I will be ... (whisper) 30!
Anyway, I spent my special day at the temple with the hubby, my sister and her honey.
Then I was treated to Chevy's for lunch.
Chevy's is delectable.
It is my favorite restaurant and I could easily devote an entire post to their salsa and tortillas alone.
But I will spare you and just insist that if you ever have the chance you must picky promise to try it.
And yes, a picture of me blushing wildly under a tacky sombrero while being humiliated with a cheesy birthday song at the restaurant exists but will not be making an appearance.
You're welcome.
I won't fail to mention my b-day dinner Scott cooked me the night before which was also delish.
He looked up the recipe for my favorite burger from Red Robin and recreated it, fries an all.
And did all the laundry.
And watched the kids so I could take a super long, much-needed nap.
It was awesome.
Anyway moving on.
If you are still reading, it will get better, promise.

On to other news, Ryan has to wear an eye patch for the next month a couple of hours a day.
I am sure you can imagine how much she loves that.
But it is to be short-lived and will help her left eye to focus better and be stronger.
What a sweet, little pirate.
And I think she looks doubly cute in this picture because I just gave her a haircut, and I just love her baby bangs.
She is showing off her new Rupunzel doll.

And not to be forgotten. Ezra and his handsome light bulb head. In fact Scott thinks he looks a little like this guy ...

But I think that Ezra's head looks that way because of his haircut.
It is somewhat military-esque.
Plus he is really smart (I am talking about Ezra, not Megamind).
So perhaps his brain needs a larger cavity to hold it.

And speaking of hair ...
Mine is slowly getting longer.
Just look at those piggies.

I aspire to have hair like this ...
Only dark brown.
So cute right?
This is Hayley Williams from Paramore, if you are wondering.

And this is one of those other important photos.
I got this faux bamboo tray at Goodwill for like a dollar.
I think it will be awesome once I have given it a shiny coat of white lacquer.
I needed something for my coffee table, you know to hold the remotes, magazines, etc.

And last but not least, another important tidbit, this cd is amazing.
I absolutely love Glee.
The show is my fav and is the only one I watch religiously and then think about for days after.
My sister gave me this cd on my trip down the Eugene this week (which was really fun).
I listed to it on the way home, twice.
She is the only one that shares my obsession for this show.
I love this cd because it has a little bit of everything.
And the cast is so talented.
You should watch this show...

right after you enjoy a meal at Chevy's.
I'm off to clean my kitchen and get the kids ready for bed.