Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our new (old) pad

And when I say old, I mean disgusting.
We moved back to Forest Grove, again, for Scott's FINAL rotation.
That's right, people, in a mere three months he will graduate and become an official eye doctor, and I will bust out a manic/delirious celebratory dance as I point and laugh at wave good-bye to all my remaining optometry friends.
Just kidding.
Though it has been a loooong road.
But I digress.
Back to my jacked-up apartment.
I am guessing it was built over 40 years ago, and has not had new carpeting since.
My baby has been crying ever since we moved here.
He is possessed. He hates it here as much as I do.
It smelled like a smoky bowling alley.
We are definitely living in Ghettoville, not to be confused with Crazytown, which is where my upstairs pajama-pants-loving, chain-smoking neighbors with the loud hanky panky at all hours of the night, live.
On with the tour.
Our living room:

Yes that is a sweet fireplace, which Scott insists on using.
He likes to, and I quote, "Unwind after a long day in front of a cozy fire."
Oh brother.
We also have amazing track lighting as well.

The only thing of note in this photo is my new clock.
Very mid-century.
That and our massive tangle of extension cords that power all the electronic devices in the room.
This is the kitchen slash dining room.
If it looks cluttered that is because it is.
Apparently people didn't need storage in the '70s.
And yes, that is my jogging stroller under the counter.

The tub in our bathroom.
The brown "marbled" Formica is a treat, but nothing compares to the sheer size of our bathtub.
Our entire family could fit in here comfortably.
The kids love it.
I am confused.
Here is the reason for tolerating Hidden Pines.
A washer and dryer.
It may not seem like much, but it is what sold me on this place ... that and a month-to-month rental agreement.
Seriously, the apartment situation around here is slim-picking.

This is Scott's favorite amenity (other than the fireplace): our intercom system.
I have yet to use it. (Although Scott used it aplenty during our move by yelling, "Get the led out of your pants," and "Briiiiaaaaaannnne, can you hear me?" through it. Fun.)
I am not sure why a miniature apartment would need an intercom system when all I have to do to call the kids is turn around, but there you have it.
It also boasts a kitchen radio, which I will admit I do use.

Another shot of our living room.
I love my new rug and coffee table dish.
Another mid-century piece I snagged for my birthday (more on that later).

And finally, the face I wake up to every morning.
Sponge Bob, on the back of my door = classy.

And a few of the kids faking happiness in this dump.
He just woke up from a nap.
Isn't he getting big?

My princess, in another shot she took of herself.

And one of all three kids, doing what they do best ... ignoring me.
Well, now that we are settled, I am going to re-recommit to updating this blog a little more often.
In fact, I just had a little birthday (I am 30!) and want to brag about record all the nice things my family did for me.
Be back soon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Watch and be amazed

Okay, so I am back to post something super important.
Change your life important, people.
These next few anticdotes will make you laugh, perhaps cry, and maybe even pee your pants a little.
Just take my word for it.
And prepare to be here for a few minutes.
Minutes well worth it.
What am I talking about?
I'll just come out and say it:
I am not typically a watcher of YouTube, but every once in a while something crosses my path and then I have to tell everyone I know to watch it too, while simultaneously confirming to them what a weirdo I am with my immature sense of humor.
Well, having said that, let's move along.

Numero uno: The Honey badger.
As a preface to this video, please pardon the narrator's French.
And by French, I absolutely mean profanity.
He drops the F-bomb twice.
So if you don't like cursing (I for one, love it) then you may just want to watch it anyway.
It is effing hilarious.
The Honey Badger

(Just copy and paste the link I guess, 'cause I am not much of a computer techie and don't know how to post videos. Sorry I am such a loser.)

Next on the ticket?
The Sexy Sax Man.
You may have seen the spin-off on SNL, but this is much better.
So. Funny.

Sexy Sax Man

And lastly is the band Walk Off The Earth.
This video isn't so much funny as it is awesome.
They all have really cool scratchy, sexy voices.
And are all playing the guitar ... the same guitar.
My dad and Heather showed me this one and I watched it like half a dozen times.
A little part of me wishes I could scream-sing too.

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk Off The Earth

You're welcome.