Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Halloween sneak peek

Every year (well for the last four years) we have attended the university PAVA Halloween party.
I can't remember what PAVA stands for, but it translates loosely as the "lonely optometry wives' club."
Except for we ain't really lonely 'cause we have each other.
Anyway, it is always a hit and we love it because it gives us another chance to dress up, eat candy, and gawk at everyone else's stellar costumes.
I kinda dropped the ball this year.
Make that every year.
I had every intention to create mind-blowing outfits and yet I still ended up pulling something together in the last minute ... made with felt (which any dummy can do).
Let's just say, no minds were blown.
But, hey, I have a newborn so, whatever.
And you best believe that I will use that excuse for as long as I can about whatever I can.
What? I haven't shaved my legs in 6 months? I can't, I have a baby.
And I don't make dinner any more? Or show up to church on time? I can't, the baby needs me.
Juuuust kidding.
Anyway, I wanted them to at least coordinate ...

So we took a cue from their personalities.
Only joking.
The baby has a little devil costume too.
I will have to get a picture of that on the actual holiday when we go trick-or-treating.

And here is a picture of "the gang."
These are the kids we play with every day (R to L: Ryan, Dawson, Ezzy, Harper, and Sophie).

And these are the mommies.
And two of my besties, Tracy and Lyndsie.
Aren't they beautiful?
Yes. They. Are.
I only hang out with pretty people.
I also didn't realize my hair looked that dark.
And look, my 'stach is fading! Holla.

And last but not least, a picture of my big boy.
He missed the festivities because he was on a playdate with my friend Jenny (thank you!) but don't you worry, he will be decked out for the next go around on Monday.
Is he not the most darling 3-month-old?
I do not believe how big he is getting!

He is a really good boy!
And very talkative.
Boy, he was talking my ear off all evening.
Speaking of which, I am quite tuckered out, but I will be back with more pics and all the deets on our upcoming move to Eugene for rotation # 3!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things I know you are dying to know

I have been trying to post about once a week.
And even though my life is riddled with riveting events (like for instance yesterday when I had to take my baby back to our apartment to change his clothes and possibly give him a bath because he had pooped up his back only to discover that I had been locked out by my four-year-old when she had returned for a string cheese, and then proceeded to try to jimmy the lock with a Safeway club card all while my three-year-old was brawling with a neighbor boy over a discarded/broken water gun), I thought I would refrain from regaling my loyal readership with yet another tale of an inept mother who struggles to keep her wits about her.
Even though that's kinda what I just did.
Anyhoo, instead I thought I'd share a few thoughts slash pictures.
Really there is no connection between any of the following tidbits other than that they all occurred in my head.
This is often how I start my day.
Once Ryan is off to preschool, me and the boys go on a jog.
Here's a little look-see of the babes all bundled up in our buffalo blanket (it isn't made of a buffalo, but has the outline of one printed on it ... weirdest Christmas present to date.)
They are both very good.
Ezra talks non-stop (while pointing out every bird/squirrel/vehicle that crosses our path) and Micah sleeps non-stop.

Once Ryan returns, we head to the park if it's sunny.
This entire park full of kids is produced from the following small group of women:

And there are at least half as many children, not pictured, behind me playing "school" in the grass.
We're not messing around.
It makes for a lot of friends for me and for my kids, and lets be honest, we go to the park just as much for me as for them.
Probably more for me.
So I can talk to other adults.
And so we're not sitting around at home bugging each other.
And lastly, a picture of my celebrity crush:

Yes, Cee Lo Green.
Doesn't he have the friendliest smile?
Scott is aware of how I feel about Cee Lo.
I get the feeling he isn't much threatened by my infatuation.
These are the things we talk about when spending time together.
That, and which couples in our ward we think are hot.
And what would happen if a super virus spread throughout the world killing everyone but our family and it were up to us to repopulate earth.
And why polygamy was invented.
And the pros and cons of different dog breeds.
We are really mature and only talk about the important topics.
The things that really matter.
And all the things I discussed today definitely matter.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just a little longer

It is so nice when Scott is home.
I feel less stressed.
I am not so completely outnumbered.
I have a little time to myself.
I don't have to wipe everyone's buns after they go potty.
This rotation is nearly over.
I. can't. wait.
We are headed to Eugene, as a family, and I am looking forward to a little more balance.
And hopefully a few dates with the hubs.
And maybe more of this ...
I know our kids are super excited.
I can't imagine why.
Don't they look to be having the time of their lives?

At least they are holding hands.