Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Okay, one more ...

Belly shot, that is.
Because secretly I wanted to show off my cute shirt.
That, and I have not one, tiny creative brain cell left in my head.
I cannot, for the life of me, think of one new thing to post about.
I am actually becoming bored with this post as I write it.
I might just be a big baby whiner and spend all my spare time thinking about how much I want to have this baby,
on the outside of me.
Not that I am not grateful for his wiggly baby self cooking away in there,
but I am ready.
Told you.
Big whiner here.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The final countdown ...

So this week has been a busy one.
We had major guests.
One of my best friends from college flew in from D.C. and she (Alisa), Britney, and I were able to meet up for dinner.
And by meet, I really mean that her, her sweet hubs, and baby drove all the way to my shoebox apartment to eat my lumpy, overcooked pasta ponza.
They even pretended to like it.
Such good friends.
At least, Britney made some delish bread sticks and I managed to cut up a watermelon satisfactorily, so it wasn't a total wash.

Me (yes, perhaps my hair makes me look as if I am an extra in The Wedding Singer), Britney (who looks amazing after having a baby 5 seconds ago), and Alisa (always gorgeous no matter her hair style, bah).

After they took off, Britney stuck around with her kids for another 3 days.
I love when she comes to visit, and never really feel like we have enough time to play.
Despite the fact that we had 5 kids to manage all 4 or under, we were still very productive.
And by we, I really mean Britney.
She helped me sort baby clothes, did my laundry, painted my toenails, and stayed up until 2 a.m. every night talking, all why I grumped around complaining about my sore back.
I think I am starved for attention.
And sympathy.
But we also fit in a picnic at the park and a trip to the bins.
What are they bins, you ask?
The "bins," as we fondly refer to it, is the Goodwill Distribution Center.
It's only the most undignified, frenzied, glorified dumpster diving adventure you could ever hope to experience.
And we had tremendous luck.
We spent a combined total of 12 smackers and walked away with at least 25 items of ca-ute clothing.
Looky at this amazing jacket.
Practically new.
Not to mention a cute pair of Calvin Klein slacks, a maternity shirt, and a dress for Ryan.
Anyway, having her here was so fun and gave me a needed boost into last-minute nesting mode.
I am being induced on the 29th (fingers crossed).
Which means that this could potentially be my last belly shot.
I am almost 38 weeks, and I believe my facial expression says it all.
Here's hoping I will be sharing a baby with you soon.
Then I can fit into the aforementioned jacket!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding wrap-up

This last weekend was a little hectic.
My Dad was remarried and we all traveled down to Eugene to join in the festivities.
We arrived on Thursday and stayed through Sunday, only to come home to a Fourth of July celebration.
And wouldn't you know, but I only took three pictures the whole dang weekend.
And they had very little to do with what actually took place.
Yes, I am on top if it like that.
I like to rely on others to document my family's happenings, and then forget to ask them for the pictures later, resulting in some fraudulent behavior that usually involves stealing pictures off my sister's blog.
So you will get a quick wedding rundown followed by a few obscure photos.
Friday was the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.
The kids were all participants in the actual ceremony.
They had matching garb and everything.
Maybe I will dress them back up in their clothes and make them reenact their parts, so I can get a fake picture.
Ezra was the ring bearer and Ryan was one of four flower girls.
Aside from Ezzy flagrantly swinging the ring-laden pillow as he danced down the aisle, I think they played their parts well.
The ceremony was very nice, tasteful, simple.
Just right.
And the reception was held at an art gallery and was very pretty.
The best part was seeing all our friends and my siblings with their families.
I wish we could get everyone together more often.
And of course no vacation would be complete without the utter disregard of our children's sleeping schedules.
Let me just say, that by the time we pulled away on Sunday afternoon, my kids were really fun to be around and absolutely did not sit in the tub later that night sobbing for no apparent reason while I sudsed them up.
But it was a very nice affair and it was doubly nice to have Scott there the whole time!
And as for the Fourth of July, we basically relaxed, slept in, and then went with a whole gaggle of friends to a fireworks display later that evening.
Just imagine a huge baseball field filled with families starring into the night's sky.
'Cause I don't have a picture of that either.
Now on to the best part:
My kids riding a merry-go-round.
They had this gigantic carousel at the pizza place where the rehearsal dinner was held.
Doesn't my Dad look tan?

We also snuck in a little movie/swim time on Saturday after the reception.
The kids were waiting for us to fill up the pool.
I think they were watching Frosty the Snowman?
And Scott was babysitting.

And one shot of them in the pool.
They were complaining of the water being to cold and grass getting stuck to their feet.
Just kidding.
All in all, any weekend I can spend with family is a good weekend.
Thanks to all the special family who came up.
You know who you are.
p.s. Did you see that my sidebar indicates I only have 28 days left?
I am so excited, because if this baby was sitting any lower, his arm would be dangling out.
Sorry for that.