Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Way better than bedazzled. (17 Again ... anyone?)
And much cuter.
Especially with the cat-eye silhouette.
Isn't she the most darling thing that 'ya ever did see?
The glasses were a compromise.
Ryan insisted on the pink.
I insisted on the retro-ish frames.
I just don't want her to grow up, look at pictures, and curse me for allowing her to walk around looking like Sally Jesse Rafael in huge coke-bottle glasses (I may still be harboring a few insecurities).
They had to be stylin'.
Okay granted, anyone who uses the word stylin' obviously needs lessons on how to be cool.
Anyway ... that's the big new 'round here.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The January blaaaahhhhsss

Hey loyal readers (imaginary high five to all four of you).
I got nothin'.
Really I have nothing to say but don't like when people with cute blogs stay away too long without some little tidbit. (Of course I think my own blog is cute. I read it all the time and laugh at all my funny, witty jokes.)
Anyhoo, we have been doing a whole lot of stayin'-in-the-house.
Not very exciting.
I have to beg friends to come over and talk to us just to break things up.
It has been very dreary outside, which doesn't really bother me as much as restrict our activities.
So we sit around and watch movies, jump on the bed, pick our noses (sometimes it is necessary), play Chutes and Ladders (which I might add is like the longest child's game ever invented. Have you ever played? And finished?), and just generally get on each others nerves.
Scott and I have also been dreaming of ways to spend the money we don't have.
And as for having no money, I am getting pretty tired of it.
It is hard to be impoverished.
I can't wait for school to be over. It seems like we have been going f-o-r-e-v-e-r.
Oh wait .... silly me, we have.
Oh well enough venting, because someday Scotty will be a doctor (which I may have previously mentioned I will insist everyone call him by his official title) and we will get to see him again.
And I can shop at Goodwill without feeling guilty.
But in the meantime, we will just hang out on our new bed!
Yes, we are actually getting a new bed.
I have been waiting and saving a really long time!
This is really big news 'round here.
Ooooohhh I can't wait. But alas I must.
It will not be here for a few more weeks and then I will post pictures.
I may even give it its own post!
And maybe its own name!
Anyway, until then a few shots of our recent "activities."

A blurry picture of my kids eating a snack and zoning in front of He-man. I have not forgotten my resolve to keep my kids from watching too much TV and feel like I have been doing a pretty good job ... except for here.
Sitting in a box. Because we can fit, I guess. This is what happens when I insist the kids "find something to do."
Getting married. Love the gloves especially. And yes I had to be the groom.

And what have I been up to? Just growing out my hair, again. It is coming along quite slowly. So I look a little like Justin Bieber.
Oh well.
Well, I am off to bathe the kids and then coax them into bed (even though they both took a four hour nap and are probably not tired in the least).
But in my own defense, I was exhausted and needed a nap as well.
Nursery really takes it out of me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Do I even dare?
I rarely ever commit to a New Year's resolution, but as I was cruising around the blogosphere and talking with others it seemed like the thing to do.
And why not?
I love a good challenge.
Or a reminder to do things that I should be doing anyway.
So I am thinking along these lines:
- drink 8 glasses of water a day. (I may have read somewhere or possibly made up that eight 8-oz. glasses of water really isn't necessary, due to the water in food and other drinks, but really when is more water a negative ... unless you are purposely trying to become intoxicated and in that case it is bad.)
- be on the computer less. (It is kinda a time suck. I have recently started using it only once the kids are in bed, except right now, but even then there are many more enlightening or productive things I could be doing ... or I could RELAX, which is what I really should be doing. And let's face it, I deserve it.)
- read my scriptures every day/night. (Why don't I do this anyway? Slacker.)
- keep my kids from watching unhealthy amounts of television. (Repeat to oneself: The TV is not a babysitter. No pointing fingers, you know you do this too.)
- enjoy motherhood. (I love being a momma, but don't feel like I really relish in the everyday. I mean these are what the memories are made of people. Plus my kids deserve to see a happy, engaged parent instead of a zoned-out, distracted, nose-to-the-grind mother. I am lucky to be at home with my kids!)
- gossip less. (I do not want to be that girl.)
So, I guess this is more of a personal reminder list, but maybe if it is published for all the world to see I will stay more motivated. Oh, yeah, I am also resolving to growing my hair out again.
I know.
I can't help myself.
Happy New Year!