Monday, May 24, 2010

Barenaked Ladies

No, I am not talking about myself nude (you can all breathe a sigh of relief),
I am referring to the band.
You know.
The Barenaked Ladies.
Britney and I went to their concert last night.
It was bittersweet.
Bitter because we were going to my mom's concert.
Meaning, it was her birthday present from my dad, purchased a long time ago;
And my dad gifted the tickets to Britney and I, so that they wouldn't go to waste.
But also sweet because, well, it was SWEET.
We lOvE the Barenaked Ladies.
They are so fun to watch.
We have all their cds (my mom made sure of that).
They are talented, funny and incredibly entertaining.
My mom and dad's seats were amazing.
And their fan base is awesome.
All different types of people, with a lot of energy!

Right before the concert started. We took at least a dozen of ourselves, and were probably starting to annoy the people sitting behind us. And yet, this picture is still fuzzy?

We were only like 8 rows back! And to make it even better, everyone in front of us sat for the majority of the concert, while we insisted on standing/dancing for the whole thing. This in turn forced everyone behind us to do the same ... heh heh.

The whole concert was awesome! It was nonstop fun!

A little fancy lighting at the end. These letters lit up during the encore. I loved going with Britney. She is my best friend, and doing anything with her is fun. Thanks for going with me Britney. And thank you for the tickets, Daddy. Next time, we are all going together!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Scott

I am such a bonehead.
I cannot believe that I did not also mention Scott's b-day.
Yay. Just a little one.
Scott doesn't really like celebrating it.
Especially now that he is getting so "old."
Oh brother.
31 is the new 21 in my opinion.
I mean I am definitely still young and I am only a few years younger than Scott.
So happy belated birthday in the blogosphere (we did actually celebrate it with a delish blueberry pie on the actual b-day).
Love you so much Sweetie.

A little catch up ...

These last few weeks have been like a dream.
A bad one.
However, there are some good moments to celebrate as well.
Life does have to go on.
So one day that deserves honorable mention was our anniversary.
We have now been married for 7 years!!
It just gets better and better.
I am sure I love him more now than when we got hitched.
I am not sure how he feels because I am positive I have become more neurotic but he keeps putting up with me:)
So we went out to dinner for cheeseburgers ('cause we love 'em and nothing says romance like a greasy burger and fries.)
Then we went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.
It was fab, though I knew it would be because I read the book and I like that mythology stuff.

Then next on the agenda was Scott's White Coat Ceremony.
Scott's not one to make a big trumpeting deal out these kids of things, but it was huge.
It is the mark of his becoming an optometric intern and actually treating patients.
He received his first "doctor" coat (complete with embroidered name)!
He is halfway done with his graduate work and we couldn't be more proud!
What a great guy!
A super husband, awesome dad, and brilliant doctor-to-be.
p.s. only 2 more years of school! Whoo to the hoo!

Donning his first white coat! Yay honey! Yes that was me embarrassingly screaming at the top of my lungs when your name was called.

Posing. The doctor and his wife. I am sure I will insist everyone call him Dr. Pitts when we are through with this. What with all the time, work, and money we're investing. Yeesh.

Random shot of me with one of my best friends, Sierra. Mmwahh. Her husband and Scott in what some might call a bromance. (Sierra, I really do love your bangs this length, by the way).
Yes I cut my hair, I couldn't stand it.