Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tummy time

Just a regular day at home; we enjoyed movies (and by movies I really only mean the movie Madagascar), coloring, toys, snacks and tummy time! Ezra is getting so strong and growing so big! I can't believe that he is already three months old. I feel like he should be a helpless newborn still but he isn't: he is sleeping through the night, holding onto toys and smiling and laughing. I just love my babies.

What a big boy!

Ryan has me spread out her blankie too.

Flashback ... Ryan as a 5-month-old enjoying tummy time too. What a Q-ball!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Portland Children's Museum

So yesterday I took the kids to the Portland Children's Museum. We went with a few friends and had a really fun time. We went during nap time, so getting the kids packed up and in the car was a little hairy but once we got there everyone perked up. Ryan did great. She participated in all the activities and was only a little shy. She loved shopping at the "store" and cooking in the "kitchen" the best. I love living in Forest Grove because we are really close to the city and have a lot of fun activities at our disposal, plus we have met a lot of fun people to do things with. It was a good day overall.

Contemplating what to cook.

Finally deciding on scrambled eggs.

Visiting the "Bob the Builder" exhibit and driving a dumptruck.

Even though he spent the majority of his time staring at the ceiling, he was still in good spirits.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our birthday girl

It is official ... we have a two-year-old! Ryan's birthday was yesterday and we had a little family party. She walked around all day saying, "Happy Birthday!" but I am not sure she really understood what it meant. Anyway, I made chocolate cupcakes with sprinkle frosting and she got a tricycle as her present. She was scared to blow out the candles but she liked our singing to her. All in all, it was a success.

She was so excited to start "riding" her bike. Really she just pushes herself around without using the pedals.

She loves chocolate but doesn't get it very often so she was very excited.

Daddy "helped" her blow out her candles.

The morning before ... we got Ezra a new bouncer when we went shopping for Ryan's present.