Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer has come at last

The story of my life.
I am surrounded by maniacs.
Luckily these maniacs are related to me or I might be tempted to lock myself in my room, while huddling in a corner, only to pretend I am alone.
That may or may not be how I spend my evenings.
What am I saying?
Anyway, this week we spent a lot of time outdoors.
We went strawberry picking at Duyk's Peachy Pig Farm.
I have no idea why on earth it is called that.
And collected 12 pounds of freezer jam-bound berries.
We also visited several parks and even hit up McMenamins for happy hour.
And no I wasn't there for the cocktails.
Remember I am pregnant.
Oh, and the church frowns on becoming inebriated.
But the company was good.
As you can see.
And the plus side to all that vitamin D?
My kids were zonked by the days end.
They slept great, I slept better, and everyone was much happier.

Yes, that is Ezra in my bed and Ryan (and her Heffalump) in Ezra's bed.
That arrangement seems to produce the best results.
And that way Scott's side is all warmed up for him when he returns on the weekends.

And as for Ezzy's head, it is healing quite nicely.
The scar is already starting to disappear.

Which is good because now I can use my spare time to tend to a humongous cement burn Ryan procured while riding her bike.
But other than that, all is well.
Scott will be coming home for almost a whole week, which we will spend celebrating my father and Heather's wedding.
It may be a little crazeeee but we are looking forward to it.
I can only imagine how incredible I am going to look 8 months pregnant in the July heat posing for their pictures.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A busy one

Well, the last few days were quite a doozy.
Starting Friday we had visitors up from Eugene.
Five of them.
So that is a total of nine people in our shoe box of an apartment.
And you know, it went really well.
So well in fact, that we have already scheduled a follow-up visit.
I love when my sister is here!
It started off with a bang.
We spent Friday night in the E.R.
This little monkey was jumping on my bed, when he whacked his forehead on the headboard and split it wide open.
Being the together mom that I am, I started screaming hysterically and running around frantically wringing my hands.
Britney, however, grabbed Ezra, applied pressure to his wound whilst blood was squirting all over her clothes, and headed straight for the car.
And hour and a half and six stitches later, we made it home.
Ezzy was fine and hasn't really complained of his "owie" since.
Our baby Frankenstein will be good as new on Saturday when Scott removes his stitches.

Luckily, the rest of the weekend was all uphill from there.
Britney threw me a baby shower on Saturday with some of my girlfriends here in Forest Grove.
I have no pictures.
But it was perfect.
All of Britney's events are a smash and this was no exception.
She is so talented, and had some talented help.
Thaaaaaank yooooou (imagine this in a high sing song voice).
Then we spent the remainder of our time just hanging out, staying up late, eating popcorn, and even made a trip to Red Robin (courtesy of a Mother's Day prezzie from my Dad and Heather - thank you - muah!).
Then once the festivities died down, the weekend wrapped up, and everyone split we took a trip to the dentist.
I only have a picture of Ezra during this escapade.
The reason for this is that he was calm.
Ryan was not.
I had Ezra go first because he is too little to think about being nervous.
He sat there contently grinning like a fool and watching Sponge Bob Square Pants.
But once it was Ryan's turn (even though, mind you, she watched Ezzy's whole pain-free appointment) she began hyperventilating and screaming.
Once we closed the door, to avoid scaring anyone else, and I restrained her the cleaning continued.
Then she slowly realized that her panic was unnecessary.
Yeesh, what a drama queen.

And just for good measure, I added this pic of the two maniacs relaxing after their bath right before I put them to bed and then did a celebratory dance.
Made it through another day.

Friday, June 10, 2011

This week

It's official.
He's in undies.
And doing quite well.
Knock on wood.

And in unrelated news, Ryan has taken a recent liking to Bob Ross.
She insists on painting with him while Ez takes a nap.

I know.
She has awesome hair.
We are looking forward to the weekend.
Britney and her fam are coming to visit, along with Scotty.
It will be a house full, but we are excited.
Next week, I will try to share a little more.
I had some spectacular finds at the Goodwill and a project or two up my sleeve.
Perhaps I can talk about those.
Have a fabulous Friday!