Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A big weekend

I finally got off my patootie and am sitting down to write the post I don't really wanna write.
This last weekend marked a really big day for our family;
My mom's passing, one year ago.
Has it really been a year?
I sometimes still don't really believe it happened at all.
That Friday, April 23, was without a doubt the worst day of my life.
And every day since then has been just as hard.
I lost my mom, my best friend, and my mentor.
She is the most incredible woman I have ever know, and dare I say, will ever know.
I miss her every day.
I want to call her every day.
I have so many questions, and fun experiences, and not-very-important tidbits I wish I could share.
And sure, she is "always with me," but I would really prefer her here in person.
I have never known loss like this and find myself in tears almost every day.
And yet, I know there is hope.
I guess it was fitting that this weekend also included Easter.
Our Savior's sacrifice for us all is the ultimate gift of hope and love.
We can be an eternal family and see my mom again because of the Atonement.
I am grateful for my family, for my husband, and kids.
This year and brought us closer together.
I feel that now I try harder to cherish every day with the people I love.
We started off the weekend by dashing down to Eugene and basically opening the door to our car and throwing the kids out at my Dad's for him (and mostly Heather) to watch so Scott and I could go out on a date.
We were also celebrating our wedding anniversary (8 years)!
We wanted to make the weekend as busy as possible.
So we went to dinner at a little place called Johnny Ocean's.
It was mostly island-inspired foods but don't worry, I found the biggest cheeseburger on the menu and devoured it in about 2 minutes (literally).
Then we went to see the play "Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," at the community theater.
It was really good, disgusting fun.
The following day we went on a walk commemorating my mother, organized by one of her best friends.
We had a great turnout.
It was beautiful and sunny, and although Ezra screamed bloody murder the whole time, it was the perfect way to celebrate my mom.

My brother, his daughter Adelaide, Brit and Olivia, and me and my Elvis-like pompadour. Barf.
After that, we packed a picnic lunch and drove to the Cottage Grove cemetery to visit mom.
The weather was nice, and we just spread out and ate and chatted for hours while the kids roamed around.
It was really peaceful.
On Sunday, we attended church and the kids went decked out in new Easter clothes (Thank you Heather!). So cute. Look at that tie.

This was the best family shot we got (sorry honey). And yes, that is me and not Edna Mode from the movie The Incredibles. I officially hate my short bangs.

Then the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, scarfed 10 pounds of candy, and then we all jumped back into the car to drive home.
It was a busy weekend, but couldn't have been any better.
I still feel a bit sleep deprived and emotionally drained so I apologize for the lackluster post.
I promise to get my wit on next time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A visit

We had a few visitors yesterday.
And any change in routine becomes the highlight of our week.
My dad and his fiance Heather dropped by for a little dinner,
and a little racing.
My kids seem to be starved for attention and convince anyone within earshot to watch all their talents.
And since Ryan's new trick is bike riding ...
well you get the picture (Ezra feels he is faster on foot).
We enjoyed our short visit.

And on the home decorating front, I finally redid our living room wall.
I just get tired of having things the same all the time.
And plus I thought the first arrangement was barfy.
Anyway, it keeps me busy whilst my hubby is toiling at school.

I like it way better.
The frames are not as close together as they appear in this picture.
It looks like I nailed them all on top of each other.
I must be at a weird angle.
They look better in person.
Come over and you will see for yourself.
And while I am day dreaming about my wall decor ...

I would like one of these.
Isn't that mirror amazing?
Only a mere 250 smackaroos.
Ahhhh, well a girl can dream.
And that folks, is all that happens around here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I got my hair cut.
It was turning into a mullet.
Between that and my mexi mustache I was starting to resemble Joe Dirt.
So I don't know what I was thinking and zipped to the hairdresser on the way home from the grocery store with both kids in tow.
I am not sure what I thought they would do while I got my hair done.
They started off quiet, sitting in the chairs designated for waiting customers.
That lasted about 10 minutes.
Then Ezra started getting squirmy.
And Ryan started in with the running commentary.
It sort of resembles tattling and sounds like this:
"Mommy, Ezra is taking off his shoes. And his socks."
"Mommy, Ezra is crawling all over the chairs."
"Mommy, now he is licking the carpet."
"He found a fruit snack under the chair, with hair on stuck to it."
"He's eating it."
Helplessly, I am yelling warnings and instructions from the chair, while the hairdresser is becoming increasingly flustered.
Frantic for us to leave, as Ezra is now eying all the shelves displaying hair products, she snips my bangs, and rips off the cape.
I hurriedly pay and we make our escape.
Then I come home to style my freshly shorn hair, I realize that I have been given baby bangs.
So that is how Ryan and I became twins.
I love the cut, but may have to grow out the front a bit.
And I am never taking my kids with me to get my hair cut again.