Thursday, July 18, 2013

The dog days of summer ...

So it is truly the middle of summer.
I am glad that it is half over, truthfully.
But before you shake your fists and curse at your screen in outrage over such foolishness, hear me out.
Because that is definitely how I react to most things that make me mad, like when I cut my own bangs and they turn out like this:

Instead of this:

Or when I am certain a new episode of Glee is on and I frantically hurl my kids into bed early only to flip on the T.V. and find that Wipe Out is on instead.
That show. It is really bad.
Or when I get out of the shower and find Micah unloading an entire bag of popcorn kernels onto the floor, right next to the couch that he drew on with a pen, gorging himself with a sticky fruit-by-the-foot that is oozing down his chin and onto his clean clothes. That I just changed. Right before my two-minute shower.
A lot of fist shaking and silent cursing happens in my life.
Where was I?
Oh yeah, my life is tedious and involves a lot of cleaning.
That, and I am not a fan of hot weather, or warm weather even.
Plus I crave structure and schedules.
And for Micah to start acting like an adult.
Oh, and at the end of summer we will be moving away from Crapwater Tumwater.
I cannot wait to head back to Oregon.
But until then, I am trying to stay sane by locking my kids out of the house and turning up the fan full blast.

This is what happens on my back patio. We live in a community of townhomes. And so do a lot of other children. Obviously. Where are their parents? I don't know. Lucky for them, I don't like other children and will not steal theirs.

And our home is very near a sweet, little lake. With a stellar playground.

Excuse the quality of my photographs. I do not yet know how to use my camera, that I have had for a year. And, yes that water is really cold.


But apparently, Ezra does know how to use my camera. To take a picture of me and my skin mustache. Seriously, could I look any more like a man? The answer is no. I buy man glasses and cut my hair to look like the Biebs. Why do I do this? Because that is how I roll. At least I am wearing a swimsuit, you know, to show off the lady lumps.
p.s. I reread this post, and realize it has no point. Sorry.


Rachael said...

You are the best and I feel you wanting the structure of school! Summer gets a little ollllllld. I'm jealous your swimsuit looks so good on you. I look way too cleavag-y in mine. I miss you!

Mikelle said...

I love you. period.