Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moving, furniture, and eyeball cupcakes, how's that for a title?

 This is what we have been up to:

Yes. We moved. Again. And then again a week later.
The first townhome we moved into was awesome.
Awesome if you are a dog, and you need to use the bathroom.
Our carpet would have served you well.
And did, in fact, do just that for the four-legged canines who resided there before us.
As you can imagine, it was ripe.
And as soon as we stopped dry heaving, we called and complained loudly with really descriptive words.
Needless to say, we were then given a new apartment.
One with clean carpet, new flooring, and no odor.
Kinda like the one they showed us before we signed the paperwork.
Anyway, once we got settled into our "new" 70s-tastic pad, I turned my attention to my furniture.
Because our housing sitch is temporary but my furniture is forever.
First up is our entertainment center.
We have had this piece for a while.
We picked it out when we got married.
Oh yeah, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in the midst of our move.
We basically turned to each other, and said, "This blows. Our ten-year anniversary and we are living in a dump, paying way too much into student loans to go out, oh and our kids are insane. Fun for us."
Next year will be better.
Anyway, I digress.
The entertainment center started off as a blonde-colored wood with glass doors.
I don't like light-colored wood.
So I painted it a bright, cheerful turquoise.
Which I loved.
All of our other furniture is neutral, so the pop of color worked perfectly.
That lasted about five years.
But after I accidentally busted off one of the doors by close-lining myself during a frantic run to the stove to keep a pot of rice from boiling over, he got another mini facelift.
I started by tearfully removing the other door.
You know, to keep the cabinet from looking like a pirate wearing an eye patch.
Luckily, he still looked okay sans doors, and I didn't do any structural damage with my acrobatics.
So now that you have heard his entire life story, I can reveal my latest update.


He's green. Clearly.
I love it.
I wanted a rich color and I needed some new doors (mostly to discourage the he-devil from playing with our electronics) and so I picked a glossy emerald and my dad made and attached the doors.
I added the loooong handles and I think it pretty much turned out perfect.
I have always loved this sleek look and I also enjoy how high he stands.
So sexy.

This picture is the best example of his true color. Not sure when "he" became a he. 
Moving on.
Next is a picture of the coolest napkin holder you will ever see.
And you will only see it here because I found this treasure at the Goodwill.
Brass seashells? Yes. Always.

And last, but very certainly the opposite of least is my table.
I made him.
Okay, so really I forced Scott to drive all the way to Seattle to pick up these hairpin legs I found on Craigslist, then swing by IKEA to grab an unfinished tabletop.
I stained and polyed the top, and bolted on the legs.
I still think that means I made it.
In any case, I love the way it turned out.
I would love to have a bigger table (one that could seat at least 8-10) but we aren't quite ready for a beast that large.

Another shot.
Isn't it pretty?
I seriously love the clean, simple lines.
Although I think white chairs would look better with it.
Perhaps that will be my next project?

And a picture of eyeball cupcakes.
Don't they look morbid scrumptious?
We celebrated Scott's birthday, and being the innovative person I am, I made eyeball cupcakes for our eye doctor.
My creativity knows no limits.
Anyway, I also got him a new pair of dress shoes and a cool, vintage satchel.
His reaction?
"Oh honey, you are so thoughtful. Did you keep the receipts?"
On the plus side, I am now the proud owner of a cool, vintage satchel.
And I have store credit for the cost of the shoes.
Next year, he is getting a gift certificate to Cabela's.
Which really was my initial gut instinct when thinking of a gift.
Darn my creativity.

He works really hard for us and we really appreciate his sacrifices.
Happy Birthday to my handsome Scott!
We love you.