Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh Ezra ...

This one is all about Ezra.
Why? Well, because he just turned four ...ahem, in August.
I am on a roll.
Anyway, where to start?
Ezra is wild, spirited, enthusiastic, one who never stops talking, exhausting strong willed a sweet boy.
He loves his family and ends every night by saying, "I love you, do you know that?"
His words exactly.
He also insists on sleeping with his blanket, and his two "kids," a Scottish Highland cow affectionately named Frodo, and a diaper-wearing bear named Nicolas?
And although he has a tender heart, he is also a boy.
Which would explain why on more than one occasion I hear what sounds like Ryan crying, Micah crying, and Ezra laughing manically in the next room.
He is definitely an instigator.
And he lies about it.
"Mommy, I didn't touch Ryan. And I definitely didn't hit her in the face with a pillow."
"I didn't take Micah's toothbrush away from him."
"I am not sure how Ryan's barbie ended up nudie."
He is also the pickiest. eater. ever.
He tells me every night, "Please don't ever make (fill in the blank with every meal I have ever made) again."
He only loves breakfast food, pizza, and treats.
Oh, and did I mention that he is also obsessed with video games?
Like as in, I have to rip the Wii remote from his frantic death-grip every time he tricks Scott into letting him play.
His life has only one purpose, and that purpose is to save Peach from Bowzer's tyrannical enslavement.
Can I get a "good grief?"
Anyway, although he is one independent little mister, he has my heart in a way no one else does.
I can't imagine my life without my Ezzy.
I love to hear him say hangaber (the correct way to say hamburger), witches, and anything the involves the letter "L."
He is a happy boy, unless he is irate ... which can happen in a split second ... he's kind of an extreme child ... like his father. Just sayin'.
But he has the brightest smile and gives THE BEST kisses.

His golfing birthday cupcakes.
I'll admit, they turned out better than I thought they would.
Although with my sister's master skills, I should have known they would be stellar.
(p.s. Scott so kindly informed me that the "grass" cupcakes should have been darker and the cupcakes representing the "green" should have been lighter. And to that I say, whatev. Look, I made golf cupcakes. What more do you want from me? Just kidding.)

This picture perfectly embodies Ezra.
A big cheesy grin, a black eye, and treats, golfing treats no less.
This boy loves him some golf.
Scott actually took Ez to the driving range that morning (where he acquired said black eye). And out to lunch at McDonald's for a happy meal.
He was in birthday heaven.
Although truth be told, we had to make up for his lousy, sweaty birthday last year, which involved a cranky newborn brother and melted cupcakes in our blistering, miniature apartment. Fun.

Happy birthday to our Fezzy Wig. We love you!