Monday, July 9, 2012

Family pictures

Hellooooo, again.
Remember me?
Well, let's just say we are still somewhere in bloggy-limbo ('cause despite the fact that Marlene and George have spoiled us rotten with a new camera, we now ironically have no internet on our desktop where blog posts are born).
So until we have our own diggs, I will continue uploading pictures to our desktop, gaze at them lovingly, and then blog about how much you would love them too.
And then type a quick post on my FIL's computer while he is napping.
And speaking of limbo, that is kinda the name of the game with our life in general these days.
Now that Scott has GRADUATED (yes, I am painfully aware that I have yet to post about that momentous occasion), and we are still waiting on his medical license, we have set up camp at his parents in Seattle.
I am sure they secretly love that we are here.
It is evident by the manic look in their eyes.
We have interrupted their quiet life with chaos.
Someone is always crying, dropping food on the floor, yelling from the bathroom for "assistance," leaving the front door wide open, watching Power Rangers (which for me would be an automatic dealbreaker), misplacing tools from the garage ... well you get the idea, we are super fun house guests.
And as for me, I am friendless (much to Scott's chagrin) and find myself without structure and wandering around the house in a sports bra and hot pants which I have been told makes my father-in-law uncomfortable is socially unacceptable and sorta sad.
However, we are looking forward to moving in the fall to Tumwater, WA where Scott has been offered a job, so that's a relief.
To all.
I'm sure.
Anyway, despite my relationship with electronics, I do have some pictures to show off.
Before leaving Forest Grove, my talented friend Lisa took some family photos for us.
I LOVE how they turned out.
Seriously. so. good.
It helps that Lisa is super fun, easy-going, and brought candy.
And yes, I overheard the phrase, "Scott, you can have a ring pop when this is over, if you cooperate."
So without further ado, my beee-utiful family:
Micah cooperated perfectly, but would not crack a smile despite our best efforts.
We were behind Lisa jumping around like a couple of lunatics, which was obviously not funny.
Ezra is so handsome.
The older two really did behave perfectly.
Isn't this stairwell, awesome?
I told Lisa I was looking for an "urban" feel for our pictures, and she delivered by taking us to, and I quote, "a disgusting alley. Which is awesome."
And is was. So awesome.
It was exactly what I wanted.
Yes, we are still growing Ryan's hair out.
I am actually liking her with no bangs.
I look like a nut job, but this is one of the few where Micah is smiling.
And Ezra is playing in the dirt.
This is one of my favorites.
Look at Micah's face.
He is clearly enjoying himself, that or plotting Lisa's demise.
And this one is just sweet.
Thank you Lisa.
Peace out.
(I am going to work on a new sign off, I sound like a hoodlum.)