Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christmas in August

So there is a scary windowless piecer van playing "What Child is this?" selling ice cream.
Aren't there regulations on who can peddle sweets to our innocent kids?
I don't know, maybe the ice cream man is perfectly nice.
It's just creepy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ready ... Set ... Blog

We just returned from a weeklong trip to the Bay Area.
So read on to get a peak at our vacay.
Whooo hoo!

Under the boardwalk

We went on a quick day trip to Santa Cruz on our last full day in the Bay Area.
It was beautiful and sunny.
We checked out the boardwalk and people watched.
It truly is amazing how some people dress,
I'm just saying.
I also took Ryan down to the water,
but she said that the sand was burning her feet and she needed to go potty.
It only lasted about 5 minutes.
Oh well.
Then we returned to Marlene and George's to relax on our last night there.
We had such a good time.
We really appreciate your hospitality and generosity Marlene and George.
We miss you already.

Day Three ...

And the fun continues ...
On Sunday we went to breakfast at a delicious pancake house and Ezra and Ryan scarfed three pancakes each! And eggs! Pigs (just kidding).
Anyway, after that we went to the Museum of Science with is quite snazzy.
I was recently rebuilt and is a very "green" establishment and extremely kid friendly.
It was really fun and we spent almost the entire day there.
The museum featured a rain forest (very sweaty but beautiful),
an aquarium,
an evolution exhibition,
and an albino crocadile!
Ryan loved it. She loved the fish and penguins.
And we loved it too. It was so nice.

In the rain forest. It was housed in a special bubble structure (kinda like the one in Pauly Shore's Biodome.)

Under the aquarium. There was a tunnel under the rain forest that allowed you to walk through and look up at the fish. It was amazing. So pretty.

Smiling in the "canopy" of the rain forest. There were butterflies everywhere. It was so nice.

After the museum, we finished up our "tour" of the city. We checked out some ritzy homes, the Castro, the Italian district, and drove up to Twin Peaks.

At Twin Peaks overlooking the city. It was so windy and cold ... perfection. It was the most amazing view.

It was so windy I could barely keep my eyes open.

Day Two ...

My baby is ONE!
Oh sweet baby Ezra, we love you so much.
Our lives are better because we have you.
You are easy to smile, easy to laugh, and super-duper smart.
You are snuggly, and attentive, and we adore your obsession with wheels.
We celebrated Ezzy's birthday with Marlene and George and a scrumptious homemade cake!
Ezra received lots of trucks with lots of wheels (and endless hours of fun!)
Day Two was relaxing as we spent time at the park and cooking for our P-A-R-T-Y!
Scott went to an air show with George in Santa Rosa and came home burnt to a crisp.
We enjoyed delish shish kabobs and chocolate cake.
And although Ezra didn't really know what was going on, I think he enjoyed himself.

A family photo op in our party hats.

Ezzy loved his wheels. In fact, every time I presented him with a new present to open he would cry when I took the previous one away.

Scott is so festive.

Ryan was very helpful and blew his candle out for him. I can't believe he is 1! Thanks for celebrating with us Marlene and George!

Day One ...


Oh Marlene and George, you two are the best tour guides a mama could ask for.
Not only were you endlessly patient, but creative and tireless.
We got a taste of everything San Francisco had to offer.
On Day One of the what will now become an infamous Pitts vacation we did all things tourist-y.
Lombard Street (the curviest road around);
Golden Gate Bridge and the military base under said bridge;
Awesome little dive, Mel's Diner, for lunch;
and Fisherman's Wharf.
What a fabulous way to start the trip!
We also drove up and down some very steep hills that were downright frightening.
And to top it all off, we got the weather we ordered: windy and chilly (we hate heat ... absolutely).
The kids were fantastic too and loved every minute.
We heart San Francisco!

This was a game at Fisherman's Wharf. Of course Scott had to try it because he too has superhuman strength.

Look at those guns! Very impressive honey.

We had to do some serious convincing to get Ryan on this merry-go-round. But as you can see, once we jumped on she was a-okay. Fisherman's Wharf was a fun place to check out shops and see a gaggle of sea lions.

If you're going to San Franscisco ...

We went on our only family vacation since ...
well ...
since I birthed Ezzy (a year ago already)!
We flew, yes flew (it was very exciting!) down to San Francisco!
A BIG thank you to Auntie Marlene and Uncle George!
We had so much fun.
So I will pretty much be documenting this huge vacay for the next few posts.
Get ready (I have forgotten how to blog so this may be a little messy).

Preparing for their first plane trip. Scott and I were a little nervous about how the kids would do, but our fears were unwarranted because the turkeys did amazing! (Of course they were asleep but that still counts as doing studly).