Monday, August 27, 2012

Micah is 1 ... a month ago!

My babiest baby is one.
And besides his delicious dimples and top two beaver teeth with a cavernous gap between them, I also want to remember:
1. He doesn't walk quite yet. We are half-way there. Instead he makes his way around using both hands and feet with his buns wagging in the air, kinda like a spider would, if that spider were a baby.
2. He loves cheese. He is a great eater and will try anything once, but he saves his deep, and tender feelings of affection for cheese ... string cheese. This is no joke.
3. He rearranges the kitchen. This is quite adorable. Especially when your frantically whipping up dinner, which you said would be ready 30 minutes ago and you have looked high and low for the potato masher only to find it in the toliet ... tomorrow. True story.
4. He loves me. Really, he is the biggest mama's boy that ever lived on the face of the earth. He is like a leech, in an endearing way. Except when I am trying to use the bathroom. And he is outside the door screaming, or has somehow fought his way in and is now sitting in my lap. Awesome.
5. He is all boy. And by that I mean destructive, with a capitol D.
6. He loves his siblings. Especially Ryan. He thinks she is just the best thing next to sliced bread, er ... cheese.
7. He gives a mean headbutt. That is how he shows you he likes you.
8. He is a terrible sleeper. He wakes up still two and three times a night, looking for ... you guessed it, me. But he makes up for it by being so delectable. His squinty-eyed smile gets me every time. Too bad he isn't doing that at 2:30 in the morning.
9. He has to have the last word. No, he doesn't actually speak words, but will continue making noises until you stop talking.
Me: "Micah, I am getting the string cheese out of the fridge, so stop screeching."
Him: "Mmahh!"
Me: "Shhhh!"
Him: "Neh!"
Me: "Micah, shhh."
Him: "Eeehhhh."
Me: (giving him a scowl in resignation.)
Him: "Mehhh!
10. He is a great car baby. And a good travel companion. He is by far my most patient child when participating in my weekly Goodwill visits. He is pretty content while running errands or shopping. But as soon as we get home the complaining starts. Apparently, being at home is lame.
11. He is pretty good at getting his hair cut. This could be due to frequency, because I insist on trimming it at least once a month. My issues, not his (OCD).
12. He is a biter. No he doesn't bite just anyone, only me. His teeth grew in much ealier than his siblings. This was a real treat while nursing. And once I discovered his love of chomping, he was magically weened. Now he just sinks his teeth into my shoulder, which is also fun.
13. And just for good measure, he is my snuggliest. He loves a good cuddle. And I love to give it (except when use the facilities, as mentioned above).
We just love our baby Micah and don't really want him to get any bigger. He is awesome. And so handsome. I mean it. Love, love, love him.
Happy Belated Birthday baby boy!