Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow, who cares?

So it snowed here.
Which is and isn't that big of a deal.
Scott and I do not think it is a big deal. (Why am I even blogging about this? Oh yeah, because there are very few things that really are a big deal going on around here, so I must exploit the little things.)
Especially the amount we get here.
But a light dusting that is melted by lunch is top-story-broadcast-worthy news covered on every local station.
Apparently to those living in the Land of Ports, it is a big deal.
We were promised a HUGE storm, and woke up to a few inches that was ne'er to be seen again come nightfall.
But it was enough to shut down the entire school district for the day and give my kiddos a good hour of entertainment.

Ryan wanted to try making a snow angel.
I am not even sure where she got the idea.
I am pretty sure I have never talked about snow angels, but nevertheless she plopped herself right down and knew just what to do.

As you can see, the snow is already disappearing.
And yes that is a large, pointy snowball in Ryan's hand which subsequently got lodged in my jacket collar.

And Ezra is hesitantly enjoying the snow.
I managed to force on a smallish pair of gloves to cover his hands this time, avoiding the painful screaming that resulted the last time he tried to make a "snowman ball" with bare, frozen, red little fingers.
He is quite stubborn.
This time he consented to the mittens, but refused his boots and snow pants.
Silly, wet child.
Oh well, we all had fun.
And then went inside, took off our wet clothes and ran around in our underwear the rest of the day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New trick

Ryan has a new trick.
She can ride her two wheeler on just that, two wheels.
No baby, foofy training wheels for this pro.
It didn't take long and required no effort on my part aside from moral and emotional support.
We were tipped off by some friends on how to go about this adventure, which by the way I am sure I didn't master until at least age seven.
But she insisted.
We were told to remove her pedals and the training wheels and let her glide around for a week or two pedal-less.
So after a few soggy weeks, with her insisting we venture outside at every cloud-break she had had enough balancing practice and we reattached the pedals.
And wah-lah!
She literally got onto her bike, pushed off, and started pedaling.
No wobbles.
No crashing.
No me-running-behind-with-my-hand-on-the-seat-keeping-balance-bologna.
All I did was watch in stunned silence, regain my composure, and start clapping wildly.
It was a proud moment.
My baby isn't a baby and can, if so inclined, ride off into the sunset (not that I would allow that, she is after all only four.)
So I ran back inside the house (while she remained unsupervised in the parking lot) and asked Scott to step away from his pot of boiling food on the stove and watch this. (We are very responsible people, and truth be told our apartment is like two steps from the parking lot.)
Anyway, she kept zooming around while we cheered.
And that, they say, is that.

Look at that she can even pose and ride at the same time. My talented little peanut.
And, no, for those with a sharp eye, that is not her purple princess bike but a smaller, pinker, borrowed bike.
We struck a deal with some friends and traded bikes for the summer so she would have something littler to practice on.

Riding on two wheels is just so easy!

And here are the babes, "racing." Which really isn't racing at all because Ezra won't even use his pedals and just Flintstones his trike around. But nonetheless, at least they are playing nicely together.

And a cute shot of Ezzy. He is just so dang cute. And insists on wearing that hat all. the. time. He wants to look like daddy. In fact, the other day he came to wake me up for his breakfast in his pjs and you guessed it, his hat.
Good grief.
Silly boy.
They are just so grown up.
Wish they would slow down.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Last but not least ...

I think that everyone who reads this blog may already be aware ...
but we are cooking baby #3.
I am 16 weeks along and just saw my doctor today for the first time (I am thinking perhaps I waited a little long to schedule.)
Luckily, because I am a little behind in my visits, my doctor squished a bunch of procedures all together and I was able to finish the blood work, the ummm ... woman's exam (fun!), hear the heartbeat, and schedule the ultrasound in one shebang.
So, we will know whether we are having a girl or boy in about three weeks.
(Unbeknownst to Scott, I already have the name picked out for any scenario. Will he agree? Most likely not. I am sure all of my choices will have some bizarre affiliation to some childhood bully/teacher/librarian that will have ruined that particular name forever.)
And no, it doesn't really matter to me as long as it's healthy.
I already have one of each so there is no pressure to make one sex over the other.
Not that I can really control all that business.
Anyway, we are excited.
The expected date of arrival?
August 4!?!
Our family will be complete.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fiiiiinally ...

My bed.
He's here.
Yes, I think it's a he.
And he is bliss.
And in my mind his name is Ned.
Ned the Bed.
If I could stay in bed all day I would.
But then my children would keep coming in asking for toast and to watch Alice and Wonderland and why it is that I am still in bed, and telling me I am taking so long to get up.
Kinda like this morning when I tried to sleep in.
So I just op for going to bed early just so I can lay there, grinning.
Pictures to come soon.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just waiting

Yeah, it was supposed to be here on Friday.
At the latest.
And when I called to find out where it was, they reassured me it would be here by the following Wednesday.
Have I mentioned that I have been waiting?
For, like, almost a month?
Well, when I told Scott the news, he was less than pleased.
He is just as excited as me to sleep in heavenly, cloud-like bliss.
And for what it cost, it better feel like a damn cloud.
Anyway, he called Mattress World and gave them a piece of his mind.
He told them their tardiness was unacceptable and that we deserved a discount.
Oh, and we will get that discount.
Scott made them promise.
I am a little upset.
I actually had a dream the other night that my new mattress was here and I was sleeping on it.
It was nice.
So, that is all for now.
Obviously my life is not too exciting since I am just sitting around on pins and needles waiting for my purchase to arrive.
That and taking care of my kids.
Who are getting over an eye infection.