Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and such

Betcha can't guess what we were for Halloween?
Yep. Yoda and The Tooth Fairy.
And yes, the only thing they have in common are that they are both fictional, small, and perhaps magical.
But who needs coordinating costumes anyway?
The important thing is that Ezzy's bald head was toasty in his Yoda hat and Ryan was allowed to wear her tutu in public.
Everyone wins.
Plus, I made (assembled) they costumes myself and that definitely makes up for not carving pumpkins (which I don't really like doing anyway; I mean, what is so fun about it? ... just sayin'.)

Our festivities began by attending a school Halloween Party (thrown by the optometry wives' support group) with dinner, games and a costume contest.
By the end of the event, Yoda looked more like a monk in a brown tunic after shedding 85 percent of his costume and Ryan was wearing only a leotard.
Basically it was a success.
And then the following week we went to our ward's trunk-or-treat bash.
Essentially, everyone in our church congregation shows up in the parking lot of the building we worship in, pops open their trunks (decorated for the occasion), and hands out candy to the "trick-or-treaters."
We like it 'cause it's a safe, friendly atmosphere where you can load up on candy in record time, show off your costume for hundreds to admire and be home an hour later.
We don't mess around at these things.
It is all about efficiency.
And as for the ACTUAL day of Halloween, Scott dressed our kids for the third time, and took them trick-or-treating to a few people we know (namely the sweet old lady that lives in the apartment below us.) Little do they know, that I am handing out the candy they scored at the previously mentioned activities to kids a-knocking at our door. I mean, how much candy to they really need? In my opinion, none. Right moms?
It is the experience that counts anyway.

And after all that partying, it is time for a nap.
When I look at this picture, all I can think is: I wish I were him. He's so content, so cozy, so relaxed, and has an awesome pajama set with army men on them. And who doesn't love an afternoon nap on the sofa with your favorite blankie.

And what we do on a normal, semi-boring day is play outside in our parking lot's largest puddle (which is undoubtedly laced with a ton of gasoline) in the rain. It isn't much, but they like it. And if we waited to go outside only when it was sunny, we would never go out.

Well, my husband just returned from said trick-or-treating without the kids, so I should probably go. Good grief.
Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You know you're a redneck when...

you have a fender in your closet ...

and the rest of a car's innards in the corner. I kid. I do not believe that we are true rednecks, but if I have to spend many more nights tripping over buckets and such on my way to get my beauty sleep I'm going to end up with more than a motor oil-induced high. Here's crossing our fingers that the engine rebuild is finished soon.

And onto other unrelated autumn festivities:

Our kids attended their first costume party. It was a pirate birthday bash thrown for some of their friends. It was really fun to see 20 mini pirates invade our local park but made it hard to keep track of the kids under their buccaneer disguise. (I tried to give Ezra a Captain Hook 'stach, but he ended up looking like a Frenchman. However, he did manage to keep his makeup smudge-free and looked just as debonair when the celebration was over.)

Ryan and I made wax leaves. I got the idea from a friend (thanks Jen) and they turned out very life-like. Super pretty and easy-peasy to boot.

This isn't really autumn related but is just another testament as to why I love the Goodwill. Could this picture frame be any cuter? It is mega heavy too, definitely worth more than the .99 cents I payed for it. It was a steal and I love it with all my heart. Suckas.

Some cookies we decorated with friends during our annual (two years in a row definitely qualifies as an annual event) Halloween get-together. I do not claim to be a decorating expert but I wanted proof that I do creative, fun things with my kids sometimes, hence the semi-boring pictures. And by the way, Ezra has managed to pick off all the candy corns from said cookies behind my back in a sneaky-like fashion.

And last but not least, another shot of the kids for good measure. They insist on being snuggled before they go to sleep. And because I am a genius (and slightly impatient) I showed them that they could snuggle together instead of with me (that way I could catch up on my blogging). Don't worry, I do do most of the snuggling myself but some nights I am snuggled out and need a little down time. I mean, I love these babies, but I love me some Modern Family and ice cream too.

And finally, a little memo:
To the men that own and supervise the management of Parkview apartments: As much as you think you are so clever with your micro-managing and intolerance, I believe that your poor people skills and snobbery with eventually catch up to you. It will translate into unhappy tenants and less money in your pockets. And since money and appearances seem to be all that matters, at the expense of disgruntled employees and unpopular reputations, you will undoubtedly end up with just those things and nothing else. It is disappointing to have to deal with men with limited perspective and little common sense. Why blow something completely out of proportion when all you have to do is simply ask? (Debbie, this certainly does NOT mean you.)
Well, on that happy note, I must push off and head to bed. Nighty-night happy readers!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Mugs

So I thought I would play a little game I saw on a few other awesome blogs;
And since this blog is definitely awesome, I figured I would join in.
It goes a little something like this:

I always ... I always am in a perpetual state of growing out my hair, have popcorn for lunch, find something worth buying at the Goodwill (whether or not I am permitted to bring it home), read People Magazine during my popcorn lunch (so I like trash magazines, everyone has a vice), cut my children's hair and nails (like all the time ... like borderline obsessive), look forward to my hubby to COME HOME from school, exercise five days a week, read Farmer Boy every fall (see Little House on the Prairie series).

I sometimes ... I sometimes feel like a productive, patient, energetic mother (mostly I feel like I am hanging on by my fingernails), watch historical documentaries with Scotty (mostly so I can spend time with him, and only a little 'cause I kinda like 'em), understand what Ezra is saying, bite my nails, think I might want one more baby ... someday, get asked by strangers if I am half Asian (really).

I never ... forget to make my bed (remember the obsessive personality I alluded to earlier?), look forward to summer with any kind of zeal (I am sure I have made my hatred for hot weather very clear), get any less than 20 kisses apiece from my babies each day (I am one lucky momma), get tired of scouring design blogs, get embarrassed (I have been seen naked by strangers on more than one occasion, accidentally, plus I am clumsy and trip a lot), spend more than a few hours away from my kids (literally ... I have never even spent a night away from them), forget how blessed I am.

Now on to the mugs:
My handsome baby Ezzy. What a ham. He is getting so big, I can't stand it. Really, Ezra, slow down.

Look at those cheeks, and that curly hair. I may be a little biased but I really do think that Ryan may be the cutest girl ... ever. And this is my blog so there.

My handsome, and dirty husband. That is his new obsession right behind him. I am trying to play the supportive wife, but I ain't gonna lie, the grease that ends up in our house as a result of this new hobby has been giving me anxiety. However, he is really happy and very handy (doing all the automotive work himself) so I try to keep my hyperventilating to a minimum.

And this is me. And yes I chopped my hair. It isn't the first time I have had a pixie, but every time is very freeing. I like it a lot. I believe that a short 'do can be both feminine and young. Right?

Have a great weekend! Up next: Halloween costumes. They are amazing. I am on top of it this year and the kids are all set.