Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family pictures

So this is the first time we have gotten family pictures ... ever.
I know, I can't really believe it either.
I mean what kind of mother am I to have put off pictures this long?
The kind that remembers family picture time growing up as a stressful, bickering, pinching-each-other kind of event {love you mom & dad}.
So I was kinda nervous about this escapade.
But we had to do it.
I wanted documentation of my beautiful family.
Plus I'd seen Megan's work before and heard how enjoyable the experience was.
And she delivered.
The photo shoot was quick, efficient, organized, extremely professional and ... FUN.
The kids were fantastic,
the husband was good-natured,
and I got what I wanted.
Please enjoy.
P.S. This is only a few of the many magnificent portraits we received.

My beautiful Ryan. She was a really good sport (especially since I bribed her with marshmallows and fruit snacks.)

This picture is the most ADORABLE picture I think I may have ever seen. My Ezzie is such a big boy.

This one is my absolute FAVORITE one. Why? you may ask. Well Ryan is smiling normal, Ezra is looking at the camera and has a sweet 'hawk, I think I look skinny (the most important reason) and Scott looks handsome as always. This one will definitely be the one to blow up and mount on the wall.

And this one is just sweet. Awww ... they are so darn cute. And loving. (Note that their heads are already the same size.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

O Happy Day

So our behind-us-neighbor has been harboring the most horrendous above-ground pool in his backyard.
We can see it from our bedroom window.
Not that I spend endless amounts of time gawking at their atrocious eyesore, but it is DEE-SGUSTING.
It is teeming with life;
unwanted life.
Bugs ... barf. Algae ... double barf.
Anyway, he has finally decided to remove said monstrosity.
This is great.
Except that now he is tractoring around back there mostly during naptime and early morn.
He has an impressive arsenal of loud tools with which he is using to dig out the cess-pool;
but I keep telling myself that when I look out our bedroom window to spy on the belligerent neighbors living next to Mr. Backhoe, I won't have to see the foul pool.
I am going to find a hobby.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ode to my dishwasher

Oh fair new dishwasher, white and gleaming
I don't have to prewash; I'm no longer left screaming.

When I load your drawers and turn you on,
Your gentle hum is a refreshing song.

Our previous model was decrepit and nasty,
But you actually work and leave our tableware flashing.

The dishes are sparkling, and what more they're not broken,
The kitchen no longer smells like monkey-ass and the appliance ain't smokin'.

I can turn you on midday and noise won't disturb,
My kids can keep napping and Scott's not perturbed.

I love you new dishwasher, we rejoice at the trade,
Now if the fridge would only break, then we'd have it made.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Life's a beach

Life's a beach.
Is that a saying, or did I make that up?
And here I thought I was being clever.
Anyway, Scotty and I took the kids to the beach last week.
We went to Cannon Beach because neither one of us had been there.
I think that Goonies might have been shot there?
Anyway, that is irrelevant.
It was the prettiest darn town.
The beach was beautiful too.
We took a picnic lunch,
played in the sand,
and walked the main drag with all the tourist-y shops.
Fun. I love my family.

Scott and Ryan built a sandcastle. Well ... Scott built it and Ryan kicked it down.

Ezra loved the sand. He loved it between his toes, and in his hands and in his mouth. Delish!

Posing with our new bucket. So cute!

This is a BEFORE picture. Playing in the waves, laughing, splashing ... dry.

This is the AFTER picture. Ryan biffed it and landed face-first in the freakin' freezing water. She was soaked, hysterical, and ended up in my sweatshirt. Needless to say, our beach fun was over.

In a nutshell

To sum up the last few weeks I am going to walk you through a few random pics.
I am a lame blogger and frequently go for weeks saving up pictures until finally I frantically throw them all in one entry and try unsuccessfully to link a bunch of dissimilar images with witty wordplay.
However, this week let's call a spade a spade and acknowledge that these pictures have nothing to to with one another except that they often feature the same people.
And the activities are also unrelated.
I need to do this more often.
Did I mention I am lame?
So anyway, summer is in full swing.
We are definitely enjoying the loverly weather, Scott's company and all the free time.
Everyday is like a ... vacation.
I am tired, clearly.
Anyway, we have been to visit the folks in Eugene,
had a pool party with some friends,
took a trip to the beach,
and watched Ryan ride her tricycle around our apartment parking lot a trillion times.
Yes, a trillion.

What I didn't capture was five adults huddled around the pool sitting on kitchen chairs with their feet in the water while the girls played on the lawn an hour later.

All the ladies.

Roasting 'mallows in my parents beautiful backyard. The boys make these faces in EVERY picture. In fact, it is rare to find a normal one with everyone smiling.

Preparing for a walk. Although Ryan looks like Dark Helmet and makes us look like overprotective parents paranoid about cranial damage, she actually insists. We received a lot of weird looks while on our stroll.

This is proving to be one of my children's most popular outfits. However, in my defense our apartment is like an oven. All the world's heat gets trapped in our living room and so we must be naked.