Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arrgggg ... we be pirates!

Ryan's hair is awesome in the morning.
She always wakes up with a curly 'fro.
But yesterday it was particularly ludicrous.
Does anyone else notice a resemblance?

(The hair is the only likeness I am referring to ... hehe ... so cute.)

Gene Wilder a.k.a. Willy Wonka

On a different note ...

Not only do we have Gene but we have a pirate as well.
Ezzy started crawling!
He has been working on it for about a month.
But he has really gotten his sea legs lately.
And by sea legs I mean he uses one knee and one foot to get around.
Kinda like a pirate with a wooden peg leg.
It seems to be working fairly efficiently.

Now nothing in the house is safe.
I am starting to realize that our home isn't very baby-proof.
Better work on that.

What a big boy!
So proud of my two sillies.


I consider myself to have a fairly strong stomach.
As a mother, I have begun to realize that a strong stomach is necessary.
But even the best of us have our weak moments.
I will not go into the gruesome details ...
but I once again find myself on my hands a knees
scrubbing up a mess
and in need of a change of clothes.
I am not sure which end of my child I prefer the mess to be expelled from.
Oiy vey.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oh ... children

So I always said I would never be ghetto
and allow my children to run around in nothing but a diaper
with snotty noses
and cool-aid mustaches.
And yet today, my kids hung out at home nudey
(we are nursing a diaper rash)
with crusty noses
(they are sick ... again)
At least they didn't have the 'stach.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am one crazy blogga

Okay so it takes me a little while to upload my pics and post 'em.
I have finally documented the last few weeks.
Here are 3, count 'em, THREE new posts.

Easter weekend

We went to Eugene for Easter weekend.
Well, I went with the kids ... Scott had to stay and study (bummer).
It was super fun to hang out with the fam.
My whole family was there (except my hubby).
We painted eggs,
had a hunt,
and dressed up the kids in homemade Easter clothes, courtesy of my mama.
It was fabulous.
I love to spend time with everyone.
Thank you!!

Ez is preparing for his first big boy haircut. We jimmy-rigged the highchair to keep him from falling out.

The final product. We are not sure what we think about it.

During the egg hunt. Uncle Rex "hid" the eggs.

Dying eggs. From left: Bryce (my brother with the sweet 'stach), Britney (my beautiful sister), Rex (her hubby ... nice expression), me (obviously) and Lauren (Bryce's "friend").

Ryan was very proud of her egg (as apparent by her cheesy grin).

Silly willies

Random pics of us hangin' out at home.
I am doing better about taking pictures.
Now I need to focus on content.
Some of my pictures are kinda lame.
But I just can't get enough photos of my babies.
They are so cute I could eat 'em!

Both in Ezzy's crib. Duh.

Preparing to ride Scott's hog. Just kidding. Actually we did try to take her out on my scooter, but she freaked.

Painting a beautiful watercolor. Watercolors aren't too messy and I am kinda O.C.D. when it comes to messes.

The product of too much studying. Look closely.

Ummm. I am not really sure what this is?

Laugh out loud

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Isn't every family like this?

My family is totally inappropriate.
If you were a fly on our wall, you would spend a lot of time shaking your head with disgust.
I don't know what our problem is.
Today we had to go to the store to purchase new toothbrushes.
This was necessary after I had to stop Ryan from washing Ezra's nether regions with my toothbrush during bath time.
She was trying to help wash him.

I am learning a new song on my violin.
It is called "The Song of the Wind."
Before practicing the song for Scott, I rambled off the title in preparation to amaze him ...
to which he said, "The song of the wind? Is this song about me?"
It doesn't sound flatulent.
At least it isn't supposed to.

Ryan, I am sure always has the best of intentions, when trying to help.
As soon as Scott or myself ever gets out of the shower, she runs in, grabs a towel out of the cupboard and hands it to us.
(We did not train her to be our "towel slave." She started doing it on her own.)
Yesterday as Ryan retrieved a towel for me, blew her nose into it and then handed it to me.
The thing is, she doesn't know what she is doing is icky.
What does that say about us?
Maybe we are a little tactless.
Is it bad that we laugh after each incident?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I live in a madhouse

I live in a madhouse.
My kids are maniacs.
Today was a typical day in the Pitts household.
I took the kids to toddler storytime at the library.
It is a session catered to children 1 1/2-years-old to 3.
They had singing and musical instruments.
It was cute (a little hectic) but fun.
Ryan was extremely unimpressed.
She had a bored expression on her face the whole time.
She refused to play her instrument.
She stood there, completely unresponsive.
All the kids were screaming and laughing and Ryan asked if we could go home...
she said she needed a nap.
Then while I was making dinner this evening, Ryan announced that her baby was hurt.
She needed to give her baby some medicine?
I am not really sure what medicine she was referring to.
I never need to give Ryan medicine.
I told her that maybe her baby needed a ice pack for her owie.
She screamed, "NO" and threw her baby.
Then she cried for 15 minutes about needing some medicine for her baby.
There was no consoling her.
Oh brother.
After dinner, I decided that since Ryan ate her dinner so well she could have a cupcake.
This seemed to be going over well, until I turned around from the dishes to find her rubbing,
yes, rubbing,
her cupcake on her arms.
It was bath time.
I thought for sure I was on the homestretch. After baths was bedtime.
However, as I was bathing the kids, unbeknownst to me
Ezra was working on trouble of his own.
When I went to retrieve him from the tub, I picked him up, moving a strategically placed luffa, and found that he had pooped in the tub.
A lot.
I snatched them both out of the tub and got soaked.
I ripped off my clothes and tried to dry off the kids simultaneously.
Ryan was dancing around pointing, laughing, and singing "poopy tub, poopy tub."
After getting them dressed and entertained with The Little Mermaid,
I found myself scrubbing out the bathtub ... in my underwear (and for those of you who are LDS you can only imagine what a particularly unpleasant site that would be) ... at 9 o'clock at night.
What a day.