Monday, March 30, 2009

I can take a hint

So I am learning to play the violin.
I can only play three songs.
However, those three songs looked very difficult two months ago
so I figure I am definitely improving.
The only thing is ...
Ryan closes the door to whatever room I am practicing in,
and turns off the light.
I am not sure what this means.
I don't think I am that bad.
But once she says (and I quote),
"Mommy, stop. Pleeease, put on movie instead,"
that I am not as good as I think I am.
Oh well, practice makes perfect.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yesterday was a very productive day.
I love when I can get a lot done.
Who cares if I haven't showered.
Or that my hair is a rat's nest.
My bathroom is clean.
My floor is vacuumed.
The dusting is done.
And the dishes are unloaded from the dishwasher.
Even though my house is deflowered minutes after I have finished cleaning it,
it is still worth it.
And I have an unhealthy obsession with having a perfect house...
all the time.
Even with two kids,
and a husband,
who don't care about it as much as I do.
Oh well.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Child's play

We went to the Portland Children's Museum on Tuesday. Ryan is getting old enough now that we can participate in most of the activities and she has a blast. Scott had never been there before so it was fun to include him.

Ryan is very proud of the bowls that we made in the pottery room. She even obediently kept on her smock.

Brushing an alligator's teeth. I am really not sure what the point of this display was. It was really random.

She loved to play in the "nursery". She is very maternal and spent a long time putting the babies in the highchair and tucking them into their cradles. She was also very possessive and wanted to tend to all the babies herself.

They have a water ... room? Anyway, there are a bunch of water activities and although they provide little slickers Ryan was still soaked after playing in there. We made the mistake of going there first and she had to do without socks the rest of the day.

Posing behind a frame made of what looks like spray-painted macaroni noodles.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A low key weekend

Saturday marked the beginning of Scott's spring break and an opportunity to hang out as a family stress-free. So we decided to take the kids swimming. This was Ezra's first time to the pool. He loved it as did Ryan. She loves to swim and play on the steps. It was such a success that we are planning another trek there this week.

We also enjoyed the relsease of Twilight (okay maybe I enjoyed it more than Scott) and bought in on blu-ray! It is SWEET. So we watched it Saturday night (well Scott watched the first half an hour and then retired to the bedroom so I could hear the movie over his snoring) and then again Sunday afternoon. This will most likely become a weekly tradition (at least for me) so I am happy that we own it (not that there was any other option). I can't help myself.

I realized after I got them ready for church that they matched down to their binkies, so I took a picture ...

Ezra look SO much like Scott, they even have similar swimming shorts (thanks Britney)!

Ryan got a new swimming suit and was very excited to wear it. And Ezra is just excited in general. I almost got in trouble for using a camera in the locker room (it is forbidden) but as soon as the lifeguard realized I was snapping a shot of my ADORABLE children (instead of naked ladies ... ewww) she turned around and left. Whew.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So a mysterious package came in the mail yesterday.
I was told not to open it.
I did anyway.
It was a new blueray dvd player.
(Our dvd player recently went kaput).
I know that we got a fairly generous tax return back recently ...
but please.
Apparently it was part of my "birthday" present.
How thoughtful.
I love Scott.
I think it is convenient when he gets presents for "me" and they are really presents for him.
Oh brother.
He is getting me "Twilight" on blueray Saturday for a belated birthday present.
He says that the new blueray will allow me to see every glistening part of EDWARD more clearly.
That is how he justifies his little gift.
Oh honey ... I love you.

Just hangin' around

The kids just got over being sick (aside from a lingering cough) and yet we have been staying close to home because I am leery of a new bug that is going around. So we entertain ourselves in the apartment by playing hide-and-seek (Ryan doesn't understand the "hiding" part and often jumps out in plain sight as soon as I finish counting and screams "Mommy"), pretend cooking (Ryan is an expert chef and makes delicious "cupcakes") and tickling baby Ezra (he laughs at EVERYTHING). Ryan is very creative and often keeps herself occupied by getting into and rearranging the refrigerator (only when I am in the shower and cannot stop her). And she loves to help Mommy and do whatever I am doing. It is very sweet and endearing but also slows any activity I am trying to complete to a snail's pace. Oh well, I am a stay at home mommy, what else am I doing but spending time doing things with the kiddos anyway?

Trying on Mommy's boots. They have a bit of a heel so Ryan finds walking in them a little difficult. She kind of shuffles around holding onto furniture and walls. Not really sure where the fun is in that?

The kids often watch Baby Einstein while I am making dinner. It lasts 25 minutes which is usually just the right amount of time. Ezra like to sit up all the time ... even in his bouncer.

We went to an activity on St. Patrick's Day at the church organized by my friend Jen (thank you) and decorated cupcakes and made candy necklaces. Ryan LOVED it. She decorated several cupcakes and then promptly ate them. She would eat the top layer of the cupcake off, refrost it and eat that layer off and so forth. She ended up refrosting each cupcake 2 or 3 times. Oh well, it's only St. Patrick's Day once a year ... hehehe.

Ezra fell asleep in his high chair after dinner. Apparently it was quite a tiring meal. SO cute.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scrub-a-dub-dub, two turkeys in a tub

So the kids took their first bath together now that Ezra has mastered his balance and can sit up on his own (for the most part) ... and they LOVE IT!
The only real drawback is that Ezra splashes like you wouldn't believe ...
and thinks it is hilarious.
And since Ezra gets to make a huge mess Ryan feels she is entitled to as well.
So I end up soaked along with the entire floor.
Oh well, small price to pay for two happy, clean children.

Ryan has been familiar with the "differences" between boys and girls since Ezra was just a few days old, so no surprises there!

So cute!!
AND ...

my birthday continues!
Some of my girlfriends here in Forest Grove organized a dinner
at Red Robin last week for a belated party! I had such a good time and felt really special.
I love my friends ... thanks girls!

Ryan "helping" me blow out my candles. My talented friend Tara MADE this beautiful cake!

(From left clockwise) Katie, Jen, Tara, Sierra, me and Ryan, Paige and Jen. Cute girls.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday presents!

Okay so I had to share my prezzies!
My fam spoiled me this year.
Scott took me and some friends out to dinner
on my actual birthday and got me a
SUPER CUTE purse that I LOVE.
He says he also has another "something" planned
(which revolves around March 21 - the day Twilight the movie comes out)!
Anyway, thought I'd show off just for fun ...

This is Ezra with a towel on his head. Ryan thought it was funny. He isn't really a birthday present ... but my kids are a gift to me everyday!

Ryan is showing off some new fingerless gloves that Britney got me. She always gets me a bunch of fun gifts. She also got me some cute jewelery and a pin.

This is the infamous pin. It says "I love boys who sparkle" in honor of Twilight. We are both obsessed.
My parents got me the series too. I am beginning to notice a trend ...

So cute, right? It is the perfect size.

I haven't blogged since ...

So I still haven't figured out how to install the software on our Mac for my new camera,
which in turn has deterred me from blogging because I have to dig out the
old laptop
and reconfigure all the wires and plugs
in order to use our new internet service on the ancient computer...
anyway ...
I wanted to post a few pics taken over the last few weeks of everyone.
For my birthday, my parents and Britney and Rex (with their girls of course)
came to Portland and we all met at the temple, went to lunch,
and then went to Washington Square Mall to browse and visit.
It was a great day!
Unfortunately, I only took like three pictures.
I had so much fun hanging out with the fam and wish that we lived a little bit closer
so we could get together more often.
Anyway, my parents took us all out to lunch and we had a little party
at the restaurant with brownies and gifts.
Thank you guys for making such an effort.
I loved it.
I love hanging out with the people that I love.

Two little cheesy girls on a weird British chair in Macy's.

Me and my love on that same weird chair. What a picturesque place to capture a photo.

Ezra is such a big boy! He is almost seven months old and sitting up by himself. Kind of.

Just two girls playing around. What a ham!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What the ...?

The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick!
The finale was
I cannot understand what he was thinking.
I mean ...
I cannot understand what he was thinking
when he dumped Melissa and asked Molly out to coffee??
First of all, why I watch The Bachelor at all is still a mystery, but when I invest that much time into a show I expect to walk away mildly satisfied at the least.
But NO.
I am actually feeling slightly sick. I will not watch another season!
Melissa was obviously a lot better with his son and a lot prettier,
while Molly was awkward and a little trampy.
Oh well. Although I am disappointed, I do feel very grateful that I am happily married to a man who loves me unconditionally and will watch (then trash) The Bachelor with me.
Love you honey.